Monday, March 01, 2004

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OK y'all, I'm mighty sorry about this latest batch of slackerdom, but this blog is gonna be going places soon, believe you me. Man, I need to buy that Chappelle Season 1 DVD soon because: 1) It's damn funny, and 2) Sometime I need to obtain a DVD with my own money, it's time.
In concert news, John and I went to the OSU Talib Kweli show at the Newport Saturday night. It was aiight. I had to pay this time, but oh well, these things will happen. The main problem with this show was organization, or lack thereof. With all the ticket "scandals" with these OSU events lately, they were telling everybody to get there early, like before 7:30. But they had no one warming up the crowd, so people were just standing around. It was LAME. I ran into ol DJ Pos2 (again, buy his mixtape here, bitch!) and he was itchin' to get onstage and learn them folks somethin (OK, he was alot cooler than that). Anyway, eventually Ordinary Peoples opened up and delivered their fine, though somewhat poppy, live band hip-hop. Then a long break, then Kweli's DJ came out and warmed up the crowd with some hip-hop hits. Good set, but it was sad that the crowd didn't react to "How About Some Hardcore." OK, not surprising, but still sad. Kweli came out and rocked it. Did a couple new joints from the upcoming "Beautiful Struggle" album, but mostly hits from his album, Reflection Eternal, and Black Star. After about an hour and a brief encore, the show turned into a hip-hop dance party, as he invited all the girls in the audience onto the stage and they shook it. Kinda weird, and kinda hot in a lame way. So that went on for a while, and then it ended. Decent show, but coulda used alot more organization! Fight for your right to party! Or something.

Featured Link of the Night:
Soulstrut's Ish
Soulstrut is a cool website devoted to crate-diggin' and DJs, and their monthly Ish feature highlights odd gems in record collectors' collections. Ol' Oliver "O-Dub" Wang has some selections in the likely-soon-to-disappear February edition, so go check it out. And some of y'all thought I was a music nerd.
OK, I'm going to bed, stay tuned, bitches.

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