Thursday, March 11, 2004

Suggestive Blogging

Man, the ol' Armington-Bissman roomie connection is feeling strong again.

Upon reading my quick description of the Dirtbombs yesterday, my Cali pal Chris Abele looked into the band online and ended up buying two CDs of theirs! With such powers, I think bands need to hire me for merch sales. Or maybe they just need to send a good descriptive email to Abele every time they have something new to sell, and he will BUY! Haha. In honor of his commitment to "the rock," right now I'm watching some old racing movie with Ferraris and Italians and interpersonal relationships built on driving. I don't know what it is, but I'm sure Abele does, and that he would want to watch it if he were here. Here's to ya, chum!
Tonight, before my winner of a hotdog dinner, I ventured down to campus to put up flyers (and hand out smaller ones to stores) for Monday's Apollo Sunshine show. I agree with Nappy, I'm truly hardcore. I ran out of tape tonight, so maybe I'll put up the rest of the flyers tomorrow or something. I better get a +1 for my efforts, hahaha. I even got minorly splashed by cars on High Street. People, that's what I call dedication. They better rock out now!
In quick job news, I got myself an interview for another job within the company on Thursday morning. I have to take a typing test for this one, so I'm gonna start practicing now! I don't know how great this job might be, but it's worth a shot. This teller biznizz is getting to me. OK, I'm gonna go (Side note: The movie just ended, looks like it was "Grand Prix") listen to some music or something, and prepare for my rocktastic weekend. Night y'alls.

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