Thursday, October 28, 2004

"You know, my son, after Rocktober comes Po-vember"

That's a proverb for the ages, right dere. Cuz you can rock alot, like me, but eventually you run out of phat loots. Thank the Lord that the last business day of the month is the 29th, so that tomorrow shalt be payday!!! Not a second too soon. Well, Rocktober is winding up, but not without a bang! Tonight Andy and I are attempting to see his co-worker's husband's band play at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe, so we'll see how that goes. Tomorrow night, the effort is being made to catch the Charlie Hunter Trio (w/DJ LOGIC!!!!!) at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, wish me luck! Saturday, it seems that Camper Van Beethoven is playing two or three places, with the actual show being at the Newport, so it is a good day to be 51-7, or something. After that I will definitely be attending Dave's 7th Annual Halloween Movie Marathon, which will undoubtedly rock. And if I don't make it, I'll likely be murderized. Sunday night, Halloween itself, I will bring Rocktober to a successful close by showing up at the release party for Blueprint's "Chamber Music" album at Bernies, with other local acts rappin it up as well. Should be sweet, just like sleeping less than 5 hours on a Sunday night! OK, RECAP TIME!!!!!

Last night, Andy and I upped the Rocktober ante by driving to the Southgate House in Newport, KY (across the river from Cincy) to see Antibalas. By agreeing to make this voyage, Andy earned 1000000000000000000000000000000000 RockPoints, so please don't try and earn any for the next few aeons. So we got there at 10:05 (missing the opener by a few minutes), and we had to wait until just before 11 for Antibalas to hit the stage. Oh well, the Southgate is cool. Anyway, we got to see the sweat-churnin' Afrobeat juggernaut for about an hour before having to turn back for home. They were as political as ever (I caught a "NOVEMBER 2" T-shirt they threw from the stage), and just as funky. I'm sure we missed alot of amazing stuff, but an hour of Antibalas is enough to last for months. We got home a bit after 2, after narrowly surviving a lack-of-gas scare on the outskirts of town (BOO!). Thanks Andy, you da man.
Tuesday night, Val and I caught another type of juggernaut...The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players at Little Brothers! We caught most of the second opener (both of the openers were friends of the Trachtenburgs), a tall man named Andrew something who played a funny keyboard-vocal cover of "Ice Ice Baby" and some other interesting numbers. The Trachtenburgs rocked as hard as ever. Pa Trachtenburg was funny, in his weird way, and their dog wandered around alot. They played the hits like "Mountain Trip to Japan 1959" and "Eggs," and Pa even played part of a song from a solo album of his a while back. Sure, they don't play very long sets, but these sets are played with love.
Monday night was dodgy for the rock. I tried to wander down to Oldfields on High for the weekly Men of Leisure show, as I've been meaning to for a long time, but I guess this week they changed to a open mic thing that drew NO ONE and when I got there, it was already over and there were about 5 people there. BOOOO!!! But on my way back, sure enough there was the Tony McClung Trio live at the Ravari Room! Rocktober was saved! I also ended up hanging out with Ben Oliver and Nate Smith, as well as Columbus music hero Derek Dicenzo, which was rather dope. I still need to catch Ben's band Tiger Tiger or other band, one of which plays every Friday night at the Shi-Sha Lounge. The trio was good, with Tony on drums, Josh Hill on guitar, and Jeff Ciampa (also of the Hoo Doo Soul Band) on bass. They played a nice jazzy cover of "Take Me Home, Country Roads," sweeet. And Derek told the story of Glen Burke, the gay black baseball player for the Dodgers in the '70s who invented the high five. Yes, it was a rocking of the highest order.
Sunday night was McLusky at Little Brothers. Locals El Jesus de Magico opened, and I wasn't that big of a fan, which happens sometimes with me and el Jesus. A few songs rocked, but most were a bit too weird while also not rocking enough. This is Rocktober, folks, you gotta bring yo A-game!!! McLusky, on the other hand, was rather entertaining. They are a trio from somewhere in England, and the somewhat surly lead singer was also pretty funny, with many quips about his fellow British bands. And the bassist told a joke:
Q: "What's the difference between a SUV and a hedgehog?"
A: "Hedgehogs have pricks on the INside."
Bah-dum-dum-ching! And yes, they managed to rock too! With songs like "We Take More Drugs Than a Touring Funk Band," how could you not rock? Check out my McLusky t-shirt sometime, it rocks hard.
The weekend was a bloody party up in Wooster, but there was no rock to be had. Somehow I didn't break out in hives.
Thursday night, cuz I had to rock, I went to Chuck's Junk's "Funknot" or whatever it was called at Ruby Tuesdays. The Lab Rats turned shit out, as always, despite technical problems and a lackluster crowd. Their release party is Friday night with Wicked Lung & the Wookalar and others at Skullys, which is a solid backup plan. In between and during sets, DJ BHB was rockin some hip-hop jams and an open mic in the basement, which was empty but the music was cool. Chuck's Junk was also good. They're pretty funky, though the singer might be a bit sappy for me. I need to see them again.
Wow, another blogathon. Pray for me to survive Rocktober, and I'll catch y'alls on the flipside.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Before I forget to tell you people, I will be part of a party-throwin' posse at the Ravari Room.....ON ELECTION DAY (NIGHT)!!!!!

You can see me look like this. Well, I won't have that shirt on. And Wonder Homer probably won't be there.'ll still be swell. So Tuesday, November 2, come to the Ravari Room sometime after 10-10:30 and..........VOTE ERIC B IN 2004!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dammit, the last one should have been called "The Hunt for Red Rocktober"!!!

Get it? You know, that Ruskie band I saw? Damn, the moment is lost. But we still got Rocktober, baby, and ain't that enough? So before time slips away and it's my birthday by the time I post again, I figured I'd set aside some time tonight and BLOG! The Mobb Deep show was cancelled (rumors now circulating at about their demise) and I decided not to hustle/pay insanely to see Cake/Northern State (and that one slore)...but there's a serious lineup of hip-hop/funk/reggae/d 'n b bands at Ruby Tuesdays tonight, so Rocktober must carry on! Some good shows to get to, so let's switch it up and start with the oldest....

Lucas and I made a triumphant appearance at the Bob Log III show on Friday at Club 202. Triumphant because we had to survive some seriously assy (sp? ha) local bands opening up. For you local types, the first band sounded like a bad, goth-ed out Dream Merchant, and the second band was just a better version of the first. Their names were Faded Sympathy and Deco Halo, I think, but who cares. I asked Bob Log during one of the bands if he could save us from the pain, and his response was: "I'm speechless. I thought bands like this were only in movies." Hilarious. Then Bob's tourmates, The Town Bikes Burlesque Toure from Australia, came on. The two of them (reasonably attractive, but kinda weird looking) came out and danced to one song they stitched together themselves (including the Genesis start-up sound near the beginning accompanying them kneeling down with one arm in the air like Sonic, which Lucas and I marked out for), then left for 15 minutes, came back and did one more song. Not much for coming from Australia. But they did come out and dance for a few of Bob's songs. So of course, Bob Log ripped shit up. For those of you unawares, Bob Log III wears a motorcycle helmet and jumpsuit on stage. He does a solo show on slide guitar with a kick drum and has a telephone handset inside his helmet that he uses as a mic. It is a sight to see. VIEWER ADVISORY: THE REST OF THIS REVIEW CONTAINS INCITEMENTS TO VIOLENCE, FOUL LANGUAGE, RUBBER NOVELTY POOP, AND BRIEF NUDITY. The crowd did not rock nearly hard enough for the best one-man band in the land, in all his super-charged blues-rock glory, but that is to be expected. Bob did the trademark "Boob Scotch" routine, where he asks women from the audience to stick their boob in his scotch. He lucked out in getting 2 women to do so (well, he counted 3, but the one girl definitely did not seal the deal. But what do you want, he wears a motorcycle helmet), which speaks well of our fair city. Then it came time for the second part of the ceremony, where Bob sips the scotch and passes it around to everyone else at the show. And who did their part in drinking it? Lucas and I. THAT'S IT. I wanted to punch those dumb idiots for not tasting the best drink known to man. It was still sitting on the bar after the show, so Lucas and I split the watered-down remains. Mmmmmm. We talked to him after the show, I bought him a beer, and life was good. Scotch and ice mixed by a tit.
On Sunday, Kehn and I went to see The Decemberists/Apollo Sunshine show at Little Brothers. The show was put on by Robert Duffy and the fine folks at, much props deserved. Unfortunately, all of the large crowd (supposedly one ticket short of a sellout, and I was on the guestlist!) must have arrived at the same time, so we spent most of Apollo Sunshine's set in line outside. They played a handful of new songs, but I couldn't tell if they were any good. They played the hits and they are nice guys, so what more do you want? I had only heard a song or two by the Decemberists before the show, but I was impressed. Kinda weird literary folk-pop-rock. They rocked pretty hard, and so did I.
Tuesday was a successful rock 'n roll adventure. Through some promotion mishaps, there ended up being a VHS or Beta/The Fever show at the Billiard Club on 161, which was definitely a bit of culture clash. But it was 5 bones, so who can argue? It was a solid posse of myself, Franz, Kehn, and Val, so good times indeed. We saw the self-described "hard rock/opera-metal/R&B" band (or something like that) called Soma open up. At least they covered "November Rain" and "Whip It." This started a running joke, as both The Fever and VHS or Beta introduced songs as another cover of "November Rain," only to play one of their own songs. Both bands brought the dance-rock fury, as evidenced by Kehn's blistering dance moves. Somehow it all worked out. Cheer up baby, rock 'n roll never forgets, or something.
Well, that was a shamefully low amount of shows to talk about, so next week will be balls-to-the-wall rocking (well, after a non-rocking weekend). Stay tuned.

Friday, October 15, 2004

"We're gonna smoke this joint...till we sound like Pink Floyd"

The Red Elvises were pretty frickin' sweet. But first, I must address the multitudes of comments I received since Monday:

1. Lucas, you're the man. Bob Log III is gonna be a helluva time tonight (and that burlesque show probably won't suck either)!!!
2. There are no false prizes here at Blogged Out Since Cub Scouts!!!!! Gina, you have won the CD of your choice (well, out of a pile of my choosing), and that's all there is to say about that.
3. Kehn, and all other interested parties: I have no solid plans for the Apollo Sunshine/Decemberists show on Sunday, though I'd like to be there around 7. We can meet up somewheres if you'd like, holla at a playa!

The New Hotness: Dave has a blog!!!
Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Dave "too bad about them 'Stros" Williams now has his very own blog. Check it out right about...nyah:
And if you ask real nice, he might tell you about his new favorite band, Nirvana. Or maybe about what happens when you talk about Stacie Orrico at the wrong time.


Last night, Nappy and I made our maiden voyage to the Blues Station for Illogic's "Farewell" (because he's going on tour) show, with Bru Lei and Envelope opening. It was a pretty good time. Bru was performing in front of his parents, which was funny, and he was decent. Envelope did his always drunken/entertaining singalong set, and I nerded out up in the front row. Illogic was suffering from a headache, but ripped a solid show regardless. Of course, PRZM had to throw on "Hold the Floor" at the end of the night, and somehow no one died. Now, because it's Rocktober and I'm ridiculous anyway, after I dropped off Andy, I went to another show! There was also a hip-hop show at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe featuring Chase Manhatten, Tyreless, & The Night Shift, which was charging $1 for people who came from the Blues Station show. I was dragged in; hook, line, and sinker. I saw most of the Night Shift set, which was damn good. Look out for those guys. Then Chase and Jun started falsetto-singing-battling, and...I got worried about my car getting towed and took off. Haha, nah, it was funny.
Tuesday's Red Elvises show was great. After Poophouse Reilly's mediocre at best set, with a good jugband cover of "Fight For Your Right to Party" and a baaaaad Amish rap, the Ruskies came on to kick some ass. Their music definitely has alot of surf to it, but there was also a surprising amount of boogie, thanks largely to "Schramm" Gorbunov (I think, the band's history on their website is confusing) on keyboard (alot of it with a good organ sound) and Boots Randolph-style yakety sax. Two sets of raunchy fast numbers and raunchy ballads. Definitely an entertaining band that you need to see, a major steal for $7. Check em out on the interweb here.
Well, I hope you all have a good weekend, I know I will.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Abele knows the name of the game

Thanks for the e-prod. I know one notable reader of this blog has been unable to comment recently, so we'll attribute the comment drought to that. There's alot to recap, as Rocktober crushes onward, but how 'bout a look forward first?

Tuesday, 10-12: The Red Elvises @ Little Brothers. Fuck yeah! I've wanted to see these guys for a long time. So if anyone needs a good red rocking, you know where to go! Only $7 at the door.
Wednesday, 10-13: Since there is no real need for a break (that's tonight), I think I need to catch a set from Tony Monaco at his new weekly Ravari Room gig, because Lord knows it's been too long.
Thursday, 10-14: Illogic, Envelope, Bru Lei @ the Blues Station. Four bones for three solid acts of local hip-hop. Come see off Illogic for his huge tour with Eyedea & Abilities.

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY, 10-15!!!!!!: Bob Log III @ Club 202. Wow, it's only been a year since his last blockbuster of a set here in town, but it seems like much longer. I think there's a burlesque show and some other bands opening up, but I don't know how any of that can open for Mr. Log. Of course, fate has conspired to mess with the personal schedule of myself and others I knew to be interested in this show. As of now, I'm going alone. Don't let this tragedy transpire, friend. You know you want it.
Saturday, 10-16: Interpol, Secret Machines, etc @ Newport??? This is still a possibility, now that the schedule mess mentioned above has occurred. Will it happen? Wait and see!
Sunday, 10-17: Decemberists, Apollo Sunshine @ Little Brothers. This will be my fifth Apollo Sunshine show this year, but I really don't want the magic to end. And I want to know if I actually like the Decemberists, as I have been unable to decide so far. Help me find out, won't you?

Wow, this Rocktober is getting to be a mess....AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Last night (Sunday) was an example of the mental toughness necessary to make Rocktober, well, Rocktober. I had two free passes to the Lucky Boys Confusion show at the Newport, so Andy and I had nothing better to do and we went over around 7:15. We were there for the first band to open its dumb yap (the band was called The Academy Is, but who fuckin cares?), and decided we had made a grave error. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, yet no rocking. With the prospects of two or three more sets of such pain spooking us into action, we got the hell out of there. I had read earlier about this interesting band from Austin called The Octopus Project (pictured above) that was playing @ the High Five, and had also discovered that The Unpossibles were among the openers. Andy had read somewhere that the Unpossibles went on at 8, so we headed for the rock. Of course, this was silly, as the place was empty and was to remain so until 10. But their new burger was good. Around 10, we were treated to the first band of the evening, Eritrean Party Tours, who were playing together for the first time. Of course, I thought their name was Aerotrane Party Tours all night, but I was yelling loud enough that it probably didn't matter. Their soundcheck was the "Saved by the Bell" theme, so we knew it was time to get down. Their sound was all over the place, but rough all over. It was a fun set, including a cover of "You Can't Hurry Love" dedicated to the lead singer's dad for Father's Day. Right. I think they're my new favorite band, and I'm just glad I was there for the beginning. No bandwagoneer here! The next band, Mr. Tiger, was playing together for the second time, but their surf-punk-hard rock was also enjoyable. Columbus appears to be bursting at the seams with rocktastic new bands. Third up, the veritable veterans of the Unpossibles came on to rock faces into oblivion. Keith tore up the bass as usual, and Don kept rocking right through the two punk guys who decided at the end of the set to moon the bar from the plate-glass windows in front. Wow. Between sets, the DJ turned the place into a drunken punk singalong with all sorts of rowdy favorites including "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles. Wow, it doesn't get much more special than that. Finally, the Octopus Project hit the stage. They are an instrumental electronic-rock band, and quite an awesome one at that. There was a drummer who also played guitar, two guys on guitars/basses and effects, and a woman on keyboards, various samplers and effects, and.....A THEREMIN!!!!!

It was awesome. That was the first time I had ever seen a theremin played live, and she definitely appeared to know what she was doing. Wow. Their songs would blip and cruise along, then crazy drum patterns or actual drums or heavy guitars would veer at you and cause seizures. That is a live show to be witnessed, friends.

Friday night was another mammoth night of rock. Akron's Black Keys came to rock the Newport with the help of The Cuts and Columbus' own Blueprint. Though I was rollin' dolo on the streets, I did get a chance to chat with Wes and Blueprint during the Cuts' set, which was educational while also ruining any slight chance of the Cuts' weak set winning me over. Meandering Ocasek-esque vocals over 60s sunshine pop-rock. Meh. Then Blueprint came on and put his hip-hop on some rock 'n roll faces. I think he was starting to win the crowd over by the end, but to properly do that would have taken hours, they're pretty serious about their rock. The Keys came on and rocked shit hardcore for about an hour. Most every bluesy song just makes me start moving, or bobbing my head, or just look generally ridiculous. Great stuff. There was an afterparty at Bento Go Go next door, involving very cheap drinks, some very drunk people, and chillin with DJ Goldfinger of KBUX fame. Good times indeed.
Thursday night, Andy and I went to Oldfields for some rawk after other rawk fell through. Hugger is some sort of hard rock hootenanny, and I mean that in the best way possible. I'll have to focus harder the next time. The Lab Rats were also on the bill, which we were excited about, but before we could make it there, some awful metal band from Lancaster (Dark Vein) came on and threatened to tread upon our very existence(s). Oooffff. Sorry Lab Rats.
Wednesday night was a serious rock adventure, as Dave and I went to Athens for what I thought would be a triple bill of quality. Of course, before we could rock, we had to stop at the main reason for the trip...TACO JOHN'S!!!!!!!!! MMMMMMM!!!!!!

Though it was much too quiet. Anyhoo, it was off to The Union for cheap beer and cheap rock. Obviously, openers The Heroes of History killed shit dead. The boys even played "Your Mom" without me having to ask for it, dedicating it to me. Awwwww. It was touching. People, you NEED to see this band. Then the out-of-staters, San Antonio's Boxcar Satan, took the stage. I was ready to be rocked, but instead got the evil, less musical twin of Reverend Horton Heat. The lead singer had a creepy, screechy voice, and insisted on making chicken scratch noises on his guitar during every song. And many songs had little flow, which also pissed me off. As I realized I wasn't a big fan, I also realized it was 12:30 and we had an hour and a half drive in front of us. So we took off, shakily making it home. Good times, though I wish Athens' We March had gone second instead of Boxcar Satan, which would have rocked.
Tuesday, of course, I caught the Addison Groove Project show by myself at Little Brothers. The boys jammed for an hour and a half. Since there weren't many people there and the people weren't pumped up, the set was pretty mellow, with no huge funky covers or anything, but it was still enjoyable.
Beautiful Scarlet, Rocktober's really gonna hurt you. If you're still reading this, be the first person to post the word gimme and you win a prize. ROCK in the USA!!!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Me: "Bring it on!" Rocktober: "It's already been broughten!!!"

So far, sooo good. I've seen approximately 10 acts perform since it became October at midnight Friday morning, which is pretty impressive, if I say so myself. But before I run down the details, I have important show news for you:

Addison Groove Project @ Little Brothers, Tuesday, October 5, 10:30, $7
Yes indeed, bruthas and sistas, AGP, your favorite band and mine, is coming back to Columbus to jam your soul into oblivion! Addison Groove is a high-quality jamband (yes, I know, it's a scary word, but don't let that steer you away) from Boston. This will be my fourth time seeing them in the last 2+ years (Metadream, R.I.P.), and they keep getting better. Lots of funky originals and covers of classic songs of many genres. For a reasonably cheap good time, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!!!!! Check out what they're about here.
Wednesday: Boxcar Satan, We March & Heroes of History @ The Athens!!!!! Yes, the Rocktober insanity will hopefully be cranked to higher levels on Wednesday. Theoretically, it will be at least a posse of Dave, Andy, and myself, but if you, loyal reader, are in the mood for a mid-week rock 'n roll road trip, then let me know! Yes, Boxcar Satan (from San Antonio) will be at Bourbon Street Thursday night, but this one sounds like the better show, and I needed a decent excuse to go get some Taco John's!!!!! It'll be a fine evening of high-octane rock and cheap beer, so it should be sweet.
Thursday: Solution @ Scarlet & Grey Cafe. This is Andy's friend's band, so I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be good.
Friday: The Black Keys, The Cuts, & BLUEPRINT @ the Newport. I was already pumped about seeing the Black Keys again, along with seeing the Cuts for the first time, but then Columbus/Cincinnati hip-hop heavyweight Blueprint (w/ DJ Rare Groove) got added to this bill! It looks odd on paper, but I think the local hip-hop scene somehow enjoys the blues-rock of the Black Keys, so this type of bill should get a large, varied audience. Hey, whatever thins out the COOLBOTS!!!
The weekend is still up in the air, but rock will ensue. Now, about them bands I done seen:

Last night was a long night of rawk. Dave, Andy and I started at Ruby Tuesdays for a WCBE benefit that included this blog's heroes, The Heroes of History, along with other bands. We caught some of Drive's set, and they were decent power-pop, but nothing great. Havyna, the next band, was pretty cool, with some groovy funk-folk-metal, or something. That was a horrible description. Jason Quicksall then came on for a quick acoustic set, which wasn't too exciting until his rendition of "Summertime" with a solo that utilized his mouth as a muted trumpet. Then the Heroes came on and killed shit. All the favorites were played, including "Your Mom," which was yelled for by Andy and I, then Pat gave his trademarked "We normally don't play requests" spiel, and it was ON! Athens is gonna be a mess. After their set, we took off, dropped off tired Andy at his house, and got to the Ravari Room for Wicked Lung & the Wookalar and Grand Buffet. Ryan and Jason were wreckin thangs as usual, though we were just walking in for "Hollywood Alligator Shoes," so I don't know if any stuffed animals bit the dust. Grand Buffet, a crazy rap duo from Pittsburgh much in the vein of Wicked Lung & Wookalar, were pretty sweet. Loud, amped-up Aerobicize-type beats and loads of politically incorrect craziness, with random outbursts of Billy Joel singalongs. Yeah, it was that kind of party. I bought the CD pictured above, but it is currently in Dave's car, I hope, so listening will be delayed.

Friday night, Andy and I caught John Wilkes Booze, Lion Fever, and Pen-15 at Club 202 downtown. It was my first time there, and it's a pretty nice place. Pen-15 was some youngsters from Zanesville who rocked reasonably hard, but gotta get over their distortion fetish. Lion Fever rocked my damn socks off. This three-piece from California is some kinda groovy post-punk somethingorother, with female vocals (she's hot too!). The key for me, however, was the drummer. Every song was another exercise in soul pounding. Those are some of the loudest drums I've ever heard, and they weren't a detraction from the rock either. Supposedly they'll be back sometime next year, so be ready. John Wilkes Booze's set left me with some sort of musical blue balls. I anticipated that these boys from Southern Indiana were gonna rock shit, and they did. Their sound is some sort of backwoods funk-rock-freakout, and the lead singer had the freakout part covered. He flailed around all the time, and knocked over his monitor during their first song, leaving the old sound man, or "Father Rock" to put it back up. So they tear through some fine tunes, with crazy sax, funky guitar, and solid drums, then they stop. After 20 minutes! Damn, I coulda used alot more of that. We bugged the band members to keep going, but they resisted, and said that was a long set for them. Boo. Then Andy fell in love with a Japanese guy, which was kinda awkward. We stopped by the "grand opening" weekend of the new High Five, but it was packed, Formerly Quarters blew, and we took off.
Thursday night, I went for dolo and checked out Free Space at Ruby Tuesdays. They were without their saxophonist, which may be permanent, but they laid down some nice jamband grooves. Good band, those guys.
Alright, this entry signals to me that Rocktober will involve some lengthy blog-writin', so maybe I'll start doing it more often. I keep mentioning some music reviews, but don't hold your breath. I gotta go eat some Greek food with my parents who are leaving for Italy and Greece tomorrow, so.....toodles!