Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sweaty Surprise!

Sweaty? Me, I ran a while ago and I'm stillllll cooling down.

Surprise? I sit down at Chops' computer, and find that he has purchased the Outre Mer soundtrack, recorded completely by Garage a Trois, a jazz-jam-whatever supergroup (Charlie Hunter, Skerik, Stanton Moore, & Mike Dillon) that we love. Chops, that sonofabitch! Oh, and by sonofabitch I mean completely awesome. This soundtrack is already a groovy seagoing good time, which makes sense because I think that's what the movie is too, only French. Peep the Garage a Trois site here and get down, or something else suitably cheesy.

I dunno, though I love to hate frogs, those Frenchies must be getting cool these days. I recently picked up Cliquety Kliqk, the Quannum debut of General Elektriks, this crazy French sorta-hop project dealie. Hard to describe, but funky and hip-hoppy (appearances by new labelmates Lateef and Chief Xcel (Blackalicious) and squelchy and crazy con mucho keyboard. Check it out.

So yeah, my only show (so far) this week was Red Pony Clock (San Diego, mostly) and Heavy Mole (Bustown) at a place called The Lunchington Tuesday night. What an awesome name! It is a recording studio housed in a warehouse in Grandview that must be starting to dabble in the occasional show. RPC was awesome! They are a 10+ member "indie pop orchestra" or something. The description I've been fooling around with is a more slacker, down-to-earth, Latin+Jazz-influenced and less Jim Jones-koolaid-cult Polyphonic Spree. And most songs aren't about sun or light. So OK, I guess the only similarities are playing "pop" and having alot of members. Anyhoo, RPC is more awesome either way. The lead singer was funny, the drummer was hot, the horns were sweet, and they just made me smile. Heavy Mole was also good. They are also "indie pop," though a bit more traditional, with piano and trumpet. They played a "penis trilogy" with two songs. Yes. After they were done, they were joined onstage by most of RPC for a superjam. They played mangled versions of Roy Orbison's "Cryin" (check it out at Heavy Mole's Myspace page, linked above), Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" (DEAR GOD YES!), and Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones" before I called it a night. Awesome time. Thanks to Bob from the Vertical Slum for the heads up.

(UPDATE: Sweaty? Not much anymore, thanks. Surprise? Well, I'm not suprised that this Outre Mer disc is pretty damn sweet all the way through. Now I gotta get my own!)

Well, that's enough writing for me. As far as shows this weekend go, our friends The Unpossibles at Oldfields on High are a possibility for Friday night and the awesome bill of Times New Viking/The Sun/84 Nash at Andyman's is definitely a go for Saturday. Rock, motherfuckers!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Game Over

What up yo? Sorry I'm still slackin on the blog front. As soon as there is internet available at the new crib, I will hopefully be posting more and updating my template with lotsa links n shit.

We're back, we're back we're back again
Tomorrow night, August 18th, I will again be spinning funk records as a part of Funky Thursdays @ the Ravari Room, 2657 N. High St. It shall start around 10:30 (me spinning around 11:30 or so) and be dope. And, to give you some advance warning, I will also be spinning Thursday, September 1st (also T-bag's birthday), so mark your calendars accordingly. (Note: I sent out an email about this. If you did not receive it and would like to, just email me. Love.)

Hip-Hop, mu'fuckas!
Wow, I definitely hip-hopped about as much as I could last weekend. Of course, Friday night and all of Saturday was spent at Annie's Bar in Cincinnati for Scribble Jam 2005. Andy, Dave and I had a good time, despite tired legs and Mac Lethal (whom I do not hate nearly as much as White Mike, but that's probably a good thing for all involved). I saw some good performances by Prince Paul (well, more of a hip-hop history lesson), I Self Divine, Cryptic One, One Be Lo, Duplexx (Edan & Insight), & Lyrics Born (though I couldn't enjoy that set much because of major league hatin' by my compadres and overall exhaustion). The battles were alot better this year. Justice, a teenager from Australia, won the MC battle, which was pretty good. He had awesome battles with Thesaurus (semis) and Iron Solomon (or whatever the hell is name is) (final). DJ Sparechange from Dayton beat Columbus' own DJ Bombay in the DJ battle. Bombay beat 2-time reigning champion Scratch Bastard in the semis, and Scratch Bastard is now my least favorite fake frog. Bustown what? The other battles were boring.
On Sunday, Dave and I went to Bernies for the last Fonosluts Fuck Hip-Hop Night. If you want to live in a fantasy world where this event hasn't happened yet, read here for my awesome writin stylez. It was crazy. My legs were a bit bloodied from the multitude of broken bottles. I was a sweaty, stank bastard. Daymon aka SoWhat? pulled a cord out of the wall (sparks 'n shit) because they turned on the lights 10 minutes early. Helluva good time. A fond farewell to some Columbus hip-hop soljaz.

Man, I gotta write some more shiznaz here soon. So, imagine more flimsy promises of such right Oh yeah, here's an awesome album I bought at Scribble Jam:

Marinate on the bilingualosity of Giant Panda, bitches (peep their label site here).

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


As many of you may already know because I just spammed you, I will be at the Ravari Room tomorrow night, Thursday August 4th, to play funk records as part of "Funky Thursdays" with Mikey G and the Latino Pimp. Music will start around 10:30 or so, and I will be there around then. You know where the Ravari is, right? Comment below if not. Get some funk on ya!

More Death and Dismay

R.I.P. Bill Moss. Story here.

Monday, August 01, 2005


Yes, I moved this weekend. It was kinda rough, especially when Chops and I moved all the big stuff by ourselves. That's what we get for not having the people skills to convince mass amounts of friends to help, I guess. Anyway, don't expect big amounts of updates anytime soon, OK?

So Rafael Palmeiro got busted for steroids. Fuck. I'm not much of a baseball fan anymore, but when I heard that today, I think something inside me died (I know, cliched as all hell, but these are emotions!) and I almost teared up. I've never been a fan of the Rangers or any other team he's played for, but I always thought of him as a dependable, consistent guy who always quietly took care of business and was a stand-up dude. I guess that's shattered now. At least my cousin made this sweet picture while we were at work today, so I'll leave with you that: