Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yes indeed, ladies and germs, this is my 150th post. It only took me 3 and a half years, aren't you proud of me??? OK, as a math dude, I have to mention that this only works out to an average of about 3.5 posts a month. Womp womp. I'll work on bringing that up in the sure-to-be-"postful" weeks upcoming. I mean, I am on an upswing as I posted 11 times in August, my third-most posts in any one month ever (behind the first two months of the blog)!!! Look out 200! Anyway, I'm doing alright, the usual ups and downs. Frankfort, KY was a good time last weekend. Mmm, Old Style (Sorry, Naps, that's all I got). This weekend, it's off to the bustling metropolis of Wind Ridge, PA. Yeah, it's a camp lodge in the middle of the country, but it's the home of WOOSTOCK. Mmm, Yuengling, and old college friends. Hopefully I'll get settled into my new place (and posting regularly) next week when all this traveling has ended. We'll see what happens!

Now, since I downloaded it about six months ago, I've been impressed with the application. You know, that deal that keeps track (or, "scrobbles") all the songs you play on iTunes, sharing your playlist on the web (like that display on the upper right of this page) and putting you out there with other like-minded citizens (come visit me here). Now, come to find out, it also fails to reveal how crazy you are when you listen to the same song umpteen times in a row (that's funny, the spellchecker doesn't like iTunes, or spellchecker for that matter, but it has no problem with umpteen). You see, this week has been weird. I have had serious difficulty sleeping. This reached a peak Tuesday night when I didn't fall asleep until after 5. Sucked. So, at one point, definitely not in my best mindstate, I fell upon the mellow tones of "Go Places," from the new New Pornographers album, Challengers. I listened to it ten times in a row. Probably not obsessive or anything (?!) but still much different from my normal listening pattern. Helluva song though, so it deserved it. So anyway, though I played it ten times, my good chum scrobbled it twice. ROFL. I haven't really decided if that's a good or bad thing, but like I said, my profile doesn't reveal that I was going crazy, so I guess that's good. Also, the whole album is pretty damn nice. Peeps don't seem to dig it as much as previous works, but I'm into it. Where Twin Cinema is a tuneful kick in the ass, this one is a(n even more) tuneful bubble bath (if the bath has an internal boot that kicks your ass every once in a while). Wow. Read an actual well-written review from my DW colleague Han Q. Duong here.

Something else I got into during my sleepless night was I had read about it on da tubes, and Andy was biggin it up recently, so I finally checked it out. Pretty dope. It makes internet radio based on a band (or bands) you like, and seems to do it pretty well. I gave them Sabu Martinez and they cranked out a good Cuban station. I gave them Television and they gave me a post-punk station that I've carved into something else by adding more bands. Good times. Of course, being the advanced internetter that I am, I had also heard of this site, which is based on the ingenious concept of combining and Pandora! So you can scrobble all your Pandora joints! And here I thought you had to be downloading to enjoy music on the internet! I mean, not me.

So yeah, I guess my sleepless night was good writing fodder, so that's helpful. It even gave me time to check out Tha Bomb Shelter, a cool Columbus-based music blog where Harry has reviewed the new Aesop Rock joint quite glowingly (though comparing it to Deltron is risky business in these parts). Cold check it. I gotta go to bed. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


So yeah. Sorry about the downtime. My first attempt at my major content (~!) was thwarted by lack of planning and overabundance of doubt (which, to some extent, was calmed by the reassuring words of one Wes Flexner). It will still happen (because I have a SERIOUS pic to accompany it), and will be posted on or before September 15th. So the thwarting and reassuring was last Wednesday. Thursday was the most triumphant Columbus debut of the Budos Band at the Ravari Room. Damn, it was sweaty-amazing. On Friday, I went to DC for Yuengling and brodown-ing. Monday I had gum surgery. Yes, this was my third surgery out of 4. Fucking fun stuff! You should try it. So anyway, that's what I've been up to. More weekend traveling awaits, so hopefully weekday posting will happen, which is definitely possible now with...

Teh Internetz!

One major factor in my lack of posting has been defeated! My home (SUPER)computer has returned to the internet! Look out innertubes! This will also aid me in the preparation of the secret major content referenced above.

More sweet content will flood your PC or other computing device shortly. In the meantime, here is a list of dope albums I have listened to recently:

Challengers, New Pornographers
Marquee Moon, Television
Keep Reachin' Up, Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

Here is a list of long-awaited triple-albums that I only made it through one disc (well, just about one disc) of before having to overcome the urge to throw said disc out the car window (I think I'll try again when I'm more ready for it, but Andy will probably enjoy this anyway):

Live at Tonic, Marco Benevento

Short list. Oh well. Toodles!

Monday, August 13, 2007


(Me, 3AM Sunday Morning)

So, about that continued (D)onslaught of funky material...not looking good. Rather tired. Lotsa work to do this week. Mental state - shaky. So, in a move that seems very unnecessary based on the long and varied history of this blog, I'm taking a "break" until Thursday. By hook or by crook, the plan for Thursday's content will be successful. YES IT WILL, DAMMIT! So, loving reader, please come see me on 8/16 for important content. DO IT!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Now, one may think that severe technical problems (aka Internet/Cable non-functional for most of the day) and a MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS~! would add up to the end of this miraculous streak of continuous content here at Funky Daggers. FALSE!!! I'm alive and on the internet. Now, I don't have anything superfunky to say, unfortunately. I did play some funky jazz (at times) tonight at Surly Girl Saloon. True Skills played my favorite track off the aforementioned Whitefield Brothers album and I remain jealous that he has it. The best funky news I've heard lately came my way yesterday...Andy "The Man" Napier will attend the Budos Band show Thursday night! Thanks, Columbus State! I can't wait, can't wait!

So, thank you for letting me off the "MAJOR CONTENT" hook tonight, blogosphere. Funky typins will continue to issue forth through Thursday, so stay tuned!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Poets of Rhythm

(Part 6 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)
Much to Napier's dismay, I am a big fan of the Poets of Rhythm. These wacky Germans have released some of my favorite modern funk albums and are always looking to grow in new directions. Following these dudes is trying sometimes, though, because of A) their fondness of recording under different band names and aliases, and B) their oft-sporadic output. Also, the fact that their music is occasionally reissued (because of its underground popularity) in different packages by different labels just makes collecting their tunes more confusing. But music is a labor of love, right? Whatever, if they keep coming with the getdown, I'll be happy.

Their first LP, Practice What You Preach, was originally issued on Soulciety Records in 1993 and was reissued by good ol' Daptone Records in 2006. In this era, they had more of an uptempo James Brown/JBs party groove. There are some great dance numbers here, and some smoky instrumentals. "North Carolina" has never been funkier.

In 2001, after some further evolution and some hip-hop backing work, they released Discern/Define on Quannum Records. This was my introduction to the dudes, as the record was being promoted to me as the music director of WCWS (WOO 91?!?!? NEVER THAT!), the College of Wooster's radio station. This album reveals their interest in African rhythms and hypnotic grooves. Though there are still some occasional party numbers, the sound of this album is more suitable for private late-night sessions (Thanks, Poets of Rhythm!). Groovy shit.

In 2002 (and before I left the graces of college and college radio), the Poets re-emerged as the Whitefield Brothers and released In The Raw on the dearly departed Soul Fire Records. This album represents further investigation into African funk stylings, along with some old-fashioned hammering funk grooves. The opening title track will always be one of my favorites. It's not a dance track: instead, it makes you feel like Godzilla, wanting to punch and kick massive brick walls to the ground (to a funky soundtrack). Brutal stuff. If anyone has a vinyl copy of this, holler at the kid.

Since then, official output has slowed. The Poets name has appeared on the occasional single and many funky compilations. There are prospects, however, of a new album. As first mentioned below, the Poets have released a new single as the Polyversal Souls. I listened to the samples today...damn! The A-side "Sad Nile" is reminiscent of classic Mulatu material, with the addition of "one pound of fatback drums." There seems to be renewed interest in Ethiopian sounds, which I find exciting. The B-side "Muswell Hill" is a saxy organ groover and is right up my alley. The link to the single above mentions the possibility of a new Whitefield Brothers album on Now Again/Stones Throw, which sounds like a great place for them to release material. Fingers crossed and updates to come!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Funk On The Internet

(Part 5 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)

Limited time today, folks, so below is a list of good internet funk spots that I recommend (or remember liking a few years ago). Hunting down the links just reminded me: PRIVATE BLOGS ARE LAME. I understand that random people on the internet are often stupid, but if you can't fortify yourself against that, GIVE IT UP. That is all.

Soul Sides: By most accounts, Oliver "O-Dub" Wang is the OG of this internet funk shit. He even has a "how-to guide" for any aspiring MP3 bloggers out there.

Funky 16 Corners: Larry been doin the obscure single in MP3 format thing for a hot minute. Seriously though, he has lots of knowledge and lots of tunes, so check it out. He also posts mixes these days, both on his site and others, including...

This Is Tomorrow: Just found this site. Luxembourg's DJ Blueprint compiles guest mixes and drops a fair amount of his own. The interludes (and funk) on this Funky 16 Corners mix were killin' me yesterday!

WeFunk Radio: Chops and I have enjoyed the funk and hip-hop provided by these groovy Canadians for years. I need to get back into it. Crazy archives and a stream of random classic shows.

Anybody out there have suggestions for other funky spots? Let me know. Now go have a funky weekend.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label

(Part 4 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)

Those of you who are in/from Columbus, friends of mine, or aficionados of the funky stuff should remember Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, a compilation of released and unreleased tracks from Bill Moss' Columbus-based Capsoul Records (In case you don't remember, here is something I wrote back then). That compilation is a treasure trove of (mostly) forgotten Columbus soul stompers, and I think it went a long way to open the eyes of many younger (and older) Central Ohio music buffs to Columbus' detailed soul music history. Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label was the first release from Chicago's Numero Group, a reissue label that has stood out over the 3 years since through its commitment to create lovingly-detailed reissues of some deserving music that the world as a whole has never heard. They now have 16 full-length compilations under their belts (as well as a handful of singles and t-shirts) that range from funk/soul to international to gospel to folk to rock. I need some more of these. This brings us to present day.

On June 5th, Numero released Eccentric Soul: The Prix Label. I was shocked when I heard about this, the story of another overlooked Columbus soul label. How could there be more? Well friends, there is more, and it's more good stuff. I've had it for a few weeks now (For the record: fellow Wooster Funk Posse founding member Michael "Chops" Oswald got his hands on this before I did) and I've been able to get into most of the tracks. Eddie Ray was the star of this label (five of his tracks are featured here), but there is male soul and a few funk instrumentals from a bevy of unknown singers/bands. Marion Black, who featured prominently on the CapSoul comp, also appears here with the beautifully admonishing "Listen Black Brother." A favorite of mine is OFS Unlimited's "Mr. Kidneys," which sounds like the recording will burst from exhaustion at any moment. Though it's sad that these tracks weren't highly acclaimed upon release (or, in some cases, released at all), it is great that the Numero guys have shifted some attention Prix's way. A great article about the label and compilation (featuring quotes from Marion Black and Eddie Ray) written by Aaron Beck at the Columbus Dispatch is here (as found here).

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Upcoming Funk Releases

(Part 3 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)

As discussed yesterday, Budos Band II has now hit the streets with "its twenty-two legs, three horns, and hallucinogenic venom" (some of my favorite publicity writing ever). The world funk underground is bubbling over with new albums, which is quite a reassuring sign. Numero Uno on this list (due to a combination of anticipation and the relative certainty of its release) is Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings' 100 Days, 100 Nights, currently scheduled for release on October 2nd on Daptone Records. The three new tracks on her myspace sound like some damn fiery soul to me, so I think that the Queen of the Funky Soul Armada is leading the troops into pleasing waters. Of course, a new release wouldn't be right without a tour. She will be hitting Cleveland's Beachland Ballroom on Tuesday, November 20th, but I think a posse is considering attending the actual release party at THE APOLLO (you know, the one in Harlem) on Saturday, October 6th. MAN UP!

Truth & Soul Records released Let Me Be Your Man by Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine yesterday, which is a collection of previously unreleased Plainfield, NJ (if that town doesn't sound familiar, you ain't funkin it right) gems from the turn of the 1970s. Connie Price & The Keystones are currently planning to drop their new LP on Ubiquity Records on September 25th. Ubiquity, becoming more and more a home of that funky stuff every month, also has the debut LP from Orgone slated for October 23rd.

El Michels Affair (the main force of Truth & Soul) is signed to Fat Beats Records for an album of instrumental covers of Wu-Tang Clan songs, but the only info on that release is "coming soon." Truth & Soul is also hyping the upcoming The Many Moods of Lee Fields LP, which would be a sight for sore eyes. There are blips and blops circulating about the mighty Poets of Rhythm, as they (billed as the Polyversal Souls) have dropped a new single on Fryer Records in the UK.

I'll try to give you (and well, me) periodic updates on these records, as new funk is always good news.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Budos Band II

(Part 2 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)

Today, August 7th, 2007, marks the official release of The Budos Band's second album, Budos Band II. Though the first album is quite the funky experience (more to come on that later), this new banger is off the charts. Somehow they've managed to go in a few more directions sonically while producing a sharper sound, which I previously thought was impossible. Though the "afro" and the "funk" are still firmly in place, there are also more Latin and soundtrack bits this time around. And oh yeah, the horn section is still BRUTAL. Opening track and lead single "Chicago Falcon" has been a favorite in the FunkDefy! camp ever since it hit Myspace. The percussion and bass lay down a serious clappin' groove, setting it up for those horns. The rest of the album thumps just as hard, conjuring up images of dancing bongos ("Adeniji"), the Budos singing smoky love songs to Mulatu ("Origins of Man"), and the Wu-Tang Clan solving a mystery in Cairo ("Budos Rising"). Cinematic indeed.

So yes, hit the webstores and iTunes and BUY THIS ALBUM! Or, if you can wait that long, come buy it at the Ravari on August 16th (or at their other dates, for you outta-towners). Early frontrunner for funk album of the year (though there are always contenders in the offing).

Monday, August 06, 2007

Funkstravaganza 2007!

(Part 1 of 10)

I'm sharpening my HTML skills into a razor-sharp lance with which to run-through the competition. Victory shall be mine! It doesn't take much success in manipulating the internets to make me happy. Nevermind.

In 10 days, Columbus shall host its funkiest concert ever, or at least since 1973. Of course, I DJ for the outfit that is presenting this event (FunkDefy!). However, I can honestly say that for me, as a fan of modern funk (or to use the Dusty Groove term, "Deep Funk") for about 5 years, this is the best (only???) show of that realm to hit town since I've been paying attention. I mean, if you told young Andrew "Funky D" Patton in the summer of 2002 that he would be an opening DJ for a band on Daptone Records, I really don't know what the chap would have done. In the early stages (and sadly, peak) of "The Wooster Funk Posse," I'm pretty sure my mind would have been blown at such news.

So, here's the deal: On Thursday, August 16th, at the Ravari Room, the FunkDefy DJs (featuring sets from Numeric, Ginsu, and yours truly, Funky D) will spin some opening sets (starting at 9) before giving way to Staten Island's own:

The Budos Band!

Comprised of members of Sharon Jones' Dap-Kings and other NYC funk luminaries, this band's sharp Afro-Funk is quite dazzling. So, Columbus, I will be counting down to this show with daily (!) posts highlighting funky musics and happenings in the world around us. I will make it! See it and believe it!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movin On Up

Hopefully this sweet pic makes up for that crappy title. Yes, as my most vocal reader has noted, I just moved to new digs, 7 blocks south and 2 blocks east of the old digs. Just call me College Joe. Anyway, turmoil reigns in the realm of computer access and writin time. So I'm piecing something meager together in the hopes that any new readers I have gained during my phantasmagorical return don't flee during these boring times. I may just scrap my "innovative" concept for a new series of entries as they seem to warrant more thought and effort than I can currently give them (while still posting once a week or so). So we'll see about that.

Hey, I did write something

My review of the new self-titled Dolby Fuckers album (and preview of Friday's release party) is now up at Donewaiting. In other news, I also played baritone sax on one of the songs on this album, and will be playing it live at the release party. Hopefully I walked the great bias tightrope with some dexterity. If you live in Columbus, I expect to see you Friday. It is FREE.

Show Reviewz?!?!?

As my long-time readers know, the live show (p)review was once the hallmark of this blog. As anyone currently reading this shadow of its former self knows, I have not published a live show review on da nets in approximately 412.6 grips (cd review/show preview combos have happened). Actually, the boys in research just told me that my last DW show review was written on April 16, 2007, which was the first one since March 30, 2006, while the last show review here was written on October 25, 2005. Diznamn. What the hell happened? Good question. Now, I can't make any promises about increased output, but I'm gonna make an effort to give some brief impressions on shows whenever I get a chance. Sure, I've been to less shows lately too, but that makes it even more important that I write about the ones I do attend in the hopes that I remember them more effectively. Whew.

So, on Monday night at Carabar, I saw San Diego's Red Pony Clock (previously written about here) and Columbus' Kyle Sowashes (I unfortunately had to miss Heavy Mole and the Red Pony Clock/Heavy Mole Superjam II because I had to like, you know, work in the morning). Kyle and his Sowashes rocked extra hard the most. Wow, maybe I haven't seen enough of the full Sowashes lineup, because I think my face melted a bit. Sure, when they're crankin full tilt (and tambourine man is moshing into Kyle) it's kinda difficult to hear Kyle's vocals, but isn't that true of most bands? Whatever, they slayed. RPC also took care of biz. They have an eleven-piece lineup on this tour, which seems to indicate the one main problem with the band: lack of cohesion/focus. Too many technical ideas and not enough "tightness." Some of these problems even exist in the album versions of the new songs (God Made Dirt is pretty good though), which I guess renders the concert sloppiness unsurprising. So, I wish the brothers Saucedo would either streamline the lineup a bit or at least take out some superfluous song sections so this ramshackle outfit has a better chance of staying together. ASIDE FROM ALL THAT, they were great! New fun songs, at least one electro backbeat, and trombone gags are all fun things. The horns sounded great. So yeah, if they tinker a little bit more with the formula, they could be onto something.

So that's what's up. Come holler at me this weekend and I'll promise to post at least weekly.