Saturday, March 03, 2007

Real Late At Night

MP3: Cunninlynguists - "Since When"
MP3: Cunninlynguists - "Caved In (feat. Cee-Lo)"

Cunninlynguists - "A Piece Of Strange" (LA Underground, 2006)

So yeah, I know I promised non-raps to come soon, but not yet. We're still diggin at the roots of this page. If you read this page before the DRAMATIC transformation last week, you know that its former name was "Blogged Out Since Cub Scouts." And if you know that, you're likely to know the origins of that title. But if not, that's why these tracks are here. Kentucky's Cunninlynguists have been kickin' out Funky D-approved jams since back in the day. On their debut Will Rap For Food, their underground true-isms included "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts," a lovely ditty about their "rugged" upbringings. And about 3 years later, a blog was born. Everyone caught up? Where were we?

In early 2006, the boys unleashed their third official album (we're not gonna count those "Sloppy Seconds" joints, right Abele?) upon the world. The promotion of this event included a (mostly) hot show in Cincinnati that was attended by yours truly and Young Lord Napppppius. Phantasmagorical. Anygay (shouts to Kangaroo Juice!), the album turned out pretty well. No RJD2-produced bangers, but plenty of lyrical wisdom and raptainment. If you wanna hear more, holla at yer boy!