Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Classic shit

Takin' it back! Dave, you won't miss the audio too much on this one. What's new, caribou? Spring has sprung, which is pretty dope. Warmth is always appreciated. Oh, and my home computer has no internet, ROFL. Guess I gotta make another 578-hour phone call to Bangalore (or is it Bucharest now?), whooppeeeee!

Claws of Paradise

Out-of-the-blue rock awakenings don't happen enough for me anymore, but I did receive one Saturday night at El Bobo. Brooklyn's Claws of Paradise, on tour with Guitar Bomb (they must have played first), stopped through to unleash a varied rock 'n roll onslaught. A fair portion of the tunes sounded like 1971-era Grand Funk Railroad with a kickin' horn section (tenor sax player, alto/bari sax (!!!) player, one of the singers also player trumpet)! As noted by doorguy extraordinaire Booziak, however, the music was also inflected with probably too many other reference points, like metal and punk, that were a bit much at points. However, overall it was a horny wonder and a good cap to a serious rock 'n roll weekend (Evil Queens and Detroit's Hard Lessons killed Ravari on Friday)!!!


These Weightless trailers of late are pretty tight, and this album should be dope. Bleep bloop blop.