Friday, February 27, 2004


It's back to business here, yo. It only took a week before a day passed that I made no posts on this blog, a crying shame indeed. Chappelle's Lil Jon segments were spot-on, and freakin' hilarious. Another great episode of the only show I really want to watch every week and the only one that I'm really pissed when I miss it (which happens too often, why are there so many things happening on Wednesday nights???). After church Weds night (I forgot to mention that church dinner that night was a new lenten treat, rice topped with pineapple, mandarin oranges, raisins, nuts, and soy sauce if you wanted it. Weird, huh? Well, I still ate two bowls), Chops and I made it to Bourbon Street, and it was a crunked up good time! The fine list of superstar DJs (Manifest of Greenhouse Effect, Wes Flexner, Dexter (I think), and So What? (John Allcock)) rocked the house/dance floor all night long, and we soaked it in nice. We heard Clipse's "When the Last Time" twice, though once it was over the instrumental of "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction, so that was dope, and the actual song was played during Allcock's lady-rockin' closing set. The only musical decision I did not agree with was when Wes (or Dexter, they alternated hip-hop and punk songs) cut off "How About Some Hardcore," the 1994 classic from M.O.P.'s first album, after one verse. I was wylin' out, yo, but it's cool, nawmean? And damn, there were some hot indie rock chicks there. Now, alot of indie rock chicks aren't too attractive, but the hot ones hang out at Bourbon St., I'm not kidding. So yeah, it was a swell night.
Thursday night was rather dope as well, sir. Nappy Pappy (best nickname...ever) and I went to Andyman's Treehouse (remember, AMT's mission is fitting Andy's budget) to see Wicked Lung & the Wookalar, one half of the dearly departed Trailer Park Ninjas. Of course, it was a night of bands and DJing hosted by the Super Elliott Bros. of 84 Nash, a fine band that hasn't played out (that I know of) in a long-ass time (DO IT NOW, and TELL ME ABOUT IT!), so there were lots of indie rockers/hipsters there. Needless to say, ol' Pap Napier and I were the coolest kids there. Anyway, the ol TPN boys continued in their fine tradition of quality, weird-ass live shows. Stuffed animals were ripped to shreds, and MC and DJ both danced all weird-like, with Wookalar (DJ) hitting all sorts of crazed action figure poses. And there was a good song about having sex with celebrities (in the fine tradition of Cock Mobster, Dreams of Fucking a Hollywood Bitch, etc.) that had some quality lines. I think their CD release party is May 1st at Bernies, and I know they're rockin the town again before then. SEE THEM, AND THEN SEE THEM AGAIN!!! For you out-of-towners, I don't think they're webbed out yet, but I'll keep y'alls posted.
By the way, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm listening to right now that's inspiring this fine post. Well, it just happens to be Pos2's "Bust It!! Volume 5" mixtape. There's some fine joints on here. I'm sure you (yes, you) would agree with me, so you should go to Omnimix's store and buy one. Of course, you can also find the classic RJD2 mixtape "Your Face or Your Kneecaps" there, so maybe that will help. BUY THEM BOTH!
Alright, I'm tired of typing, so I think I'm gonna wrap this up. I've decided that a late night rant on BET Uncut needs to be a weekly weekend feature, so look out for that in a few hours, since I need to sleep earlier Saturday night. Enjoy this update, and let me know what's up with y'alls, yo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

From Da Chuuuuch to Da Palace

...if da palace serves rock 'n roll, cheap PBR, and Nunchuck Chimichangas! Anyway, somehow my parents didn't have much problem convincing me to go to the Ash Wednesday church service tonight. And as I often have throughout my life, I gave into peer pressure. Sure, this time it was the old cross of ashes on my forehead, but it still felt lame. Yes, I have problems. Chappelle has been pretty damn funny tonight, especially the Lil Jon segments and "When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong." And soon as it's over, Chops and I are heading over to Cafe Bourbon Street to catch a fine lot of DJs spinning some hip-hop and everything else. I'm sure it'll be crunktastic. And sometime soon I'll get around to another post with upcoming show info. Have a good night y'alls.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

And oh yeah,

The aforementioned Thrills are playing Little Brothers Friday, April 9th. So if I still like them then, I'll probably want to go. Of course, that comes after the highly anticipated Dirtbombs show (Friday March 12th) and the just-learned-about MODEY LEMON show (Weds March 31st), two shows that will rock my damn socks off. Man, how can I sleep now???

"Well I Never Shoulda Settled Down..."

I'm tired, but before I go to bed, I figured I should link y'all up with the band that recorded the song currently stuck in my head. The Thrills, a semi-hyped new band from Dublin (Ireland), do some garagey 60s style sunshiney West Coast pop rock something (descriptive skills reaching dangerous new lows). Their song "One Horse Town" is damn catchy, and it caught me good. So here's their website: POW! The audio player on the right seems to play the whole album, and Andy, the song "Big Sur" drops a big ol Monkees reference, so maybe they should get that band name you were trying to throw at my Boston pals. Check it out, y'alls!!! Goodnight moon.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Good ol' OSU

gave Chops and I a pretty funny show for free at the Schott. When we got there (parking was free too, damn!), the opener was in the middle of his routine. I wish I knew what his name was, because he was pretty funny. One of the most memorable parts of his act was describing his inability to watch some double penetration porno, as the idea of two wangs so close together would make him faint. Pretty good for a nameless opening comic. Chris Rock came out to "Lose Yourself" (lame, haha) and went on to deliver a quality hour and 20 minute set. He did alot of racial stuff, no surprise, and as alot of routines go these days, discussed some serious stuff. So why were the dumb white girls in front of us laughing at some of these thoughts? I guess because it was something Chris Rock said. For instance, he was talking about the insanity of slavery and how the strong ones survived and the smart ones were killed, and this girl is cracking up. Wait for the punchline!!! This is called setup, building the culture of the joke. You gotta wait for the punchline. But yes, Chris Rock was funny, pretty good for not touring for 4 or 5 years. Thanks for the tickets John, you're a good guy.

A Different Kind of Rock

What's shakin' y'all? I'm glad to see that people are starting to check this lowly blog out. Like I said before, if you have a blog or a website you'd like to see linked, just let me know. Tonight, if all goes according to plan, Chops and I are seeing Chris Rock at the Schott, thanks to his brand-new Buck ID, thanks to him being a brand-new Buckeye. I'll tell you how awesome it was later.
New musical features are still in the works for the site. In crate-digging news, yesterday, on a trip to Lost Weekend, I bought a used CD of the Best of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers (part of that cheesily designed, poorly named, and yet oh so necessary series Legends of Acid Jazz on Prestige/Fantasy), and a Shel Silverstein album called "Freakin' At the Freakers Ball." It looks to be a weird mix of children's poems/songs (one of my childhood favorites "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out" is on there) and raunchier material ( Polly in a Porny, Masochistic Baby, etc.). Can't wait to hear this one.
As far as Grey Tuesday goes, it's still tomorrow and you still need to support Danger Mouse and the "Downhill Battle." I downloaded the Grey Album from another site yesterday, it's pretty sweet, though I'd probably have a better appreciation for it if I'd actually heard the Black Album. OK, that's all for now.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

And While We're Talking About BET Uncut,

I need to comment on the video for Murs' "Risky Business," which is closing out the show tonight. Now that Murs feels the need to air out his problems with his fanbase that is white and not black, I think I can air out my problems with this video.
1. It's not nearly dirty enough for "Uncut." This is the problem with 80% of the videos on there these days, so he's just adding to the issue. Sure, there are some hot chicks and a few humpin around on each other at points, but not enough is going on to properly reward me for staying up until 4 AM to see it.
2. It looks like it was shot with Murs' friend's camcorder. This is my main issue with the video. I know Def Jux likely does not have a huge budget for music videos, but neither does anyone else in underground hip-hop, so why even make one? Or if you are gonna make one, why try to push it to BET Uncut? The video quality is an issue with about 50% of the videos on the show, so why add to that problem as well? If Def Jux is still trying to present itself as the leader/savior of underground hip-hop, they cannot afford to make substandard videos that just blend in with videos featuring 5 chicks in bathing suits dancing around a car in the rapper's driveway and videos by Joker Da Bailbondsman.
3. Finally, it's just not that entertaining/satisfying. Like I said, not much T&A is the main problem here. OK, I'm not complaining about getting a nice appearance from Shock G/Humpty Hump, because that's always good. And the way Murs carries himself in the video is kinda funny. But like #2, if Def Jux has little to no other videos being shown on major video carriers (what else is there now, maybe an Aesop Rock on Mtv2 or something?), I think they need to wow folks with what they have.
Wow, I guess I had alot to get off my chest about that, I feel better now.

It Must Be Yo Ass Cuz It Ain't Yo Face...

I need a TIP DRILL!!!!! OK, anyone reading this likely knows I hate Nelly and those of similar style, but the video for his song "Tip Drill" is 98% pure T&A perfection. Ass all over the place! It's the one video worth staying up to see BET Uncut for right now, and it's the only one where I have to stop anything else I'm doing and just focus on the shaking asses. It even dulls the thinking part of the brain enough to make something Nelly does actually FUNNY, which is swiping his credit card through the chick's ass, and it commences to jigglin' (OK, maybe that's just hot too, not funny). Anyway, watch the video, and BE HAPPY!

Saturday Night's Alright for...ROCKING!!!

First of all, I hope you enjoy the blogtastic links to the right. There will be more soon, but I just wanted to point whoever is reading this to sites that inspired this one and/or that rock. If (1) you are reading this blog, (2) you have a blog, and (3) your blog is not linked yet, please get ahold of me and I'll link you up nice.

Tonight I met up with Andy and Julia (and eventually Lee, Adam, and Gina) to see Keith play bass for the Unpossibles. Mindflip Transfusion and Secret Sounds of the NSA were aiight, but nothing too awesome. I was very impressed that when I went with Andy and Double J to get food, Julia was fine with White Castle (Andy, HOLD ON TO HER!!!), that was awesome! And the Unpossibles were pretty cool, though mostly because Keith was rocking the stage to death. I'm not a big fan of laptops on stage, except maybe for used in "laptop techno," so when the lead singer said, "I need more laptop in the monitor," I was worried. Of course, it gave me a reason to yell, "I GOT A FEVER AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE LAPTOP," but I think only Lee heard me, so it wasn't the earth-shattering event I was hoping for. At least the singer reacted to me yelling for Freebird, hahahahahaha. It was a fine night out with the folks, and it's not Unpossible that I might see Keith in his "other" band again (I love making Unpossible jokes now). Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Civil Disobedience???

Grey Tuesday So this Tuesday, the 24th, is going to be Grey Tuesday, I guess. For the full story, visit the link, but basically, Dangermouse, a fine DJ who put out a well-respected album with Jemini in 2003, made a remix album of Jay-Z's Black Album constructed entirely of samples, sounds, and bits from the Beatles' White Album, and called it the Grey Album, of course. It was sold on a few websites and some stores, but there was soon a cease and desist from EMI for the album to be shelved. This organization has now decided that they are tired of this and other similar nonsense, so they have gotten a bunch of websites to post the album for downloading on Tuesday. It's a cool idea, especially since I never heard the album and this looks like my best way now to get it. This is a weird world we're getting into.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I've been workin on the railroad....

...And therefore, the blog is starting to look better, thanks to fine folks like David and Ashley, someday I hope to be as cool as they are. This blog stuff is tough, maybe someday this one will be pleasing to the eye. Please comment to your heart's content, and maybe some links (like permanent ones to those fine blogs of theirs) and stuff will be here soon.

Murs, why?

Hmmm, read this link first. He really does seem to be pulling a Defari with those type of lyrics. Sure, some of that can be taken different ways, but damn. I would have a hard time hating his new album, but I really don't want to listen to that. Now, on the other hand, it pissed me off when I heard other white hip-hop fans questioning Mos Def's song "Rock n Roll" about the true black origins of rock music. But Mos wasn't defaming his fanbase, but trying to inform people, kinda like PE did back in the day, that rock 'n roll really is originally a black music. Murs' lyrics, though based in some facts and some frustration I'm sure, are really not educating anyone, just exhibiting his bitching. So I hope some sort of explanation or something comes out about this, but I doubt it. Dammit, I really don't want to hate Murs!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Or was it today???

This blog nonsense is spreading like the damn plague, so I figured my computer-challenged ass should join the party. This development is much to the dismay of my dumb friend John Tarrell (best middle name...EVER) Preston, who is mocking me as I type. Oh well, he is lame and dying of whooping cough/creeping death, so who cares? Anyway, since things are going pretty well in the rock department these days, I figured I might as well write about it.

Last night's Apollo Sunshine low dough show was awesome. Andy and Ashley were fine rock compatriots and should be commended for their efforts. I talked to a girl named Amanda about fine rock bands and life and whatnot, that was cool. Apollo Sunshine rocked, their set was about the same as the one they played at Andyman's a month ago, but that's fine because about 15 people saw that show. They did add some new songs, and I think I could listen to their cover of "Hey Ya" about 50 times in a row, so it's cool. I won a Heineken during the show for answering a very random trivia question that I cannot remember. It was a twistoff, but Amanda opened it with her teeth and then demanded a few good swigs, which was OK, haha. Anyway, after the show, I discovered my new free paper fame (go here and go to the Meltdown section), then ran back to get Jesse from the band to sign my copy, which was cool. OK, that's enough about that.

Alright, I promise this blog will get less lame and I'll talk about cool music and stuff, but that might take a while. So will links and commenting abilities, hahaha.