Sunday, February 22, 2004

It Must Be Yo Ass Cuz It Ain't Yo Face...

I need a TIP DRILL!!!!! OK, anyone reading this likely knows I hate Nelly and those of similar style, but the video for his song "Tip Drill" is 98% pure T&A perfection. Ass all over the place! It's the one video worth staying up to see BET Uncut for right now, and it's the only one where I have to stop anything else I'm doing and just focus on the shaking asses. It even dulls the thinking part of the brain enough to make something Nelly does actually FUNNY, which is swiping his credit card through the chick's ass, and it commences to jigglin' (OK, maybe that's just hot too, not funny). Anyway, watch the video, and BE HAPPY!

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