Wednesday, February 25, 2004

From Da Chuuuuch to Da Palace

...if da palace serves rock 'n roll, cheap PBR, and Nunchuck Chimichangas! Anyway, somehow my parents didn't have much problem convincing me to go to the Ash Wednesday church service tonight. And as I often have throughout my life, I gave into peer pressure. Sure, this time it was the old cross of ashes on my forehead, but it still felt lame. Yes, I have problems. Chappelle has been pretty damn funny tonight, especially the Lil Jon segments and "When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong." And soon as it's over, Chops and I are heading over to Cafe Bourbon Street to catch a fine lot of DJs spinning some hip-hop and everything else. I'm sure it'll be crunktastic. And sometime soon I'll get around to another post with upcoming show info. Have a good night y'alls.

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