Saturday, February 21, 2004

Civil Disobedience???

Grey Tuesday So this Tuesday, the 24th, is going to be Grey Tuesday, I guess. For the full story, visit the link, but basically, Dangermouse, a fine DJ who put out a well-respected album with Jemini in 2003, made a remix album of Jay-Z's Black Album constructed entirely of samples, sounds, and bits from the Beatles' White Album, and called it the Grey Album, of course. It was sold on a few websites and some stores, but there was soon a cease and desist from EMI for the album to be shelved. This organization has now decided that they are tired of this and other similar nonsense, so they have gotten a bunch of websites to post the album for downloading on Tuesday. It's a cool idea, especially since I never heard the album and this looks like my best way now to get it. This is a weird world we're getting into.

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