Monday, February 23, 2004

A Different Kind of Rock

What's shakin' y'all? I'm glad to see that people are starting to check this lowly blog out. Like I said before, if you have a blog or a website you'd like to see linked, just let me know. Tonight, if all goes according to plan, Chops and I are seeing Chris Rock at the Schott, thanks to his brand-new Buck ID, thanks to him being a brand-new Buckeye. I'll tell you how awesome it was later.
New musical features are still in the works for the site. In crate-digging news, yesterday, on a trip to Lost Weekend, I bought a used CD of the Best of Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers (part of that cheesily designed, poorly named, and yet oh so necessary series Legends of Acid Jazz on Prestige/Fantasy), and a Shel Silverstein album called "Freakin' At the Freakers Ball." It looks to be a weird mix of children's poems/songs (one of my childhood favorites "Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out" is on there) and raunchier material ( Polly in a Porny, Masochistic Baby, etc.). Can't wait to hear this one.
As far as Grey Tuesday goes, it's still tomorrow and you still need to support Danger Mouse and the "Downhill Battle." I downloaded the Grey Album from another site yesterday, it's pretty sweet, though I'd probably have a better appreciation for it if I'd actually heard the Black Album. OK, that's all for now.

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