Friday, February 27, 2004


It's back to business here, yo. It only took a week before a day passed that I made no posts on this blog, a crying shame indeed. Chappelle's Lil Jon segments were spot-on, and freakin' hilarious. Another great episode of the only show I really want to watch every week and the only one that I'm really pissed when I miss it (which happens too often, why are there so many things happening on Wednesday nights???). After church Weds night (I forgot to mention that church dinner that night was a new lenten treat, rice topped with pineapple, mandarin oranges, raisins, nuts, and soy sauce if you wanted it. Weird, huh? Well, I still ate two bowls), Chops and I made it to Bourbon Street, and it was a crunked up good time! The fine list of superstar DJs (Manifest of Greenhouse Effect, Wes Flexner, Dexter (I think), and So What? (John Allcock)) rocked the house/dance floor all night long, and we soaked it in nice. We heard Clipse's "When the Last Time" twice, though once it was over the instrumental of "Been Caught Stealing" by Jane's Addiction, so that was dope, and the actual song was played during Allcock's lady-rockin' closing set. The only musical decision I did not agree with was when Wes (or Dexter, they alternated hip-hop and punk songs) cut off "How About Some Hardcore," the 1994 classic from M.O.P.'s first album, after one verse. I was wylin' out, yo, but it's cool, nawmean? And damn, there were some hot indie rock chicks there. Now, alot of indie rock chicks aren't too attractive, but the hot ones hang out at Bourbon St., I'm not kidding. So yeah, it was a swell night.
Thursday night was rather dope as well, sir. Nappy Pappy (best nickname...ever) and I went to Andyman's Treehouse (remember, AMT's mission is fitting Andy's budget) to see Wicked Lung & the Wookalar, one half of the dearly departed Trailer Park Ninjas. Of course, it was a night of bands and DJing hosted by the Super Elliott Bros. of 84 Nash, a fine band that hasn't played out (that I know of) in a long-ass time (DO IT NOW, and TELL ME ABOUT IT!), so there were lots of indie rockers/hipsters there. Needless to say, ol' Pap Napier and I were the coolest kids there. Anyway, the ol TPN boys continued in their fine tradition of quality, weird-ass live shows. Stuffed animals were ripped to shreds, and MC and DJ both danced all weird-like, with Wookalar (DJ) hitting all sorts of crazed action figure poses. And there was a good song about having sex with celebrities (in the fine tradition of Cock Mobster, Dreams of Fucking a Hollywood Bitch, etc.) that had some quality lines. I think their CD release party is May 1st at Bernies, and I know they're rockin the town again before then. SEE THEM, AND THEN SEE THEM AGAIN!!! For you out-of-towners, I don't think they're webbed out yet, but I'll keep y'alls posted.
By the way, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm listening to right now that's inspiring this fine post. Well, it just happens to be Pos2's "Bust It!! Volume 5" mixtape. There's some fine joints on here. I'm sure you (yes, you) would agree with me, so you should go to Omnimix's store and buy one. Of course, you can also find the classic RJD2 mixtape "Your Face or Your Kneecaps" there, so maybe that will help. BUY THEM BOTH!
Alright, I'm tired of typing, so I think I'm gonna wrap this up. I've decided that a late night rant on BET Uncut needs to be a weekly weekend feature, so look out for that in a few hours, since I need to sleep earlier Saturday night. Enjoy this update, and let me know what's up with y'alls, yo.

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