Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grain Belt Beer

The title of this post refers to a song on the new Thes One solo instrumental jumpoff Lifestyle Marketing, where he crafts the commercial jingles of Herb Pilhofer into jammy jams. Good shit, especially the song in question. Also, ROFL with glee at what I found when hunting down Thes-related links:

Happy Halloween! I hope you've enjoyed yours. As all relevant readers of this blog know, I had a bomby Halloween party early in the season (1.5 weeks ago), so I've coasted through the rest of it. Taco John-io! You can read about that party here.

Dayton's Oasis

Davekwon kindly drove Nappy and I to Dayton last night so the three of us could take part in what looks like the end of the weekly hip-hop night at The Oasis. The Oasis sits across from Wright State and is much like a BW3. However, DJ Possum has spent two years building up a hip-hop night and the evidence last night points to his success. Of course, the offer of $3 80 ounce pitchers of beer and 35 cent wings doesn't hurt. Unfortunately, the owner of the bar recently had a stroke and has lost the mental capacity to run the place. The employees kept it open for a few weeks, but eventually ran out of time. The aforementioned deals were unavailable last night (only draft beer was Guinness), but they were selling all bottled beers for $1 each, so that worked. Possum laid down some illness (heavy on Columbus raps and West Coast classics, but when you're dealing with quality, who cares?) and his group The Extraterrestrials, with MC Aboriginal, also performed. Ab was cool on the mic, even if he was a bit nerdy (like I have any room to talk). Near the end of the set, it had reached a late hour, so we decided to jet and unfortunately missed DJ sets by Columbus' DJ Inform and Cincinnati's DJ Rare Groove (Blueprint's tour DJ). Oh well, I'll see those dudes again. It was a good time and hopefully Possum can get something else popping off. Davekwon, our "designated pimp," drove us home and another successful hip-hop venture was in the books.

R.I.P. Robert Goulet, 1933-2007

Full story here. Of course, I'm a big fan of Will Ferrell's SNL portrayals, but the man himself was also the bomb. Those ESPN commercials were sweet. He will be missed.

R.I.P. Stylus Magazine, 2002-2007
Another loss being remembered today is Stylus, a fine music review website which has been part of my daily routine for a few years at this point. I didn't always agree with what they had to say, but they had so much unique content that there was a bounty of new items to read at all times. Since today was their last day, they posted their favorite albums, singles, and movies of the year a bit early, so go check them out.

It's been fun, but I gotta run. I'll leave you with a link to Wes Flexner's post about DJ Pos2's first look into his Columbus hip-hop archives. I'm downloading now, so reviews and (hopefully) links to future Pos2 articles to come. Peace.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Into Action!

So. It's been 27 days since I had an actual post, with ORIGINAL images NEVER SEEN BEFORE (well, never seen before on Andy's blog)!!! I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen again, you know, the writins, but NEWS~! has burst forth today. Wallow in the glow, fallows!

The Dirtbombs Return To Cleveland!

Yes indeed, everyone's favorite live band has decided to schedule one show, resuscitating their Turkey Day weekend jam at the Beachland. They are playing the Tavern (?!?!?) on Saturday, November 24th. I'm assuming tickets will go damn fast in the Tavern, so holla at a playa post-haste if you're down for the trip. The Dirtbombs' myspace fan-site also says that the new album, We Have You Surrounded, is slated for a February 2008 release and a "full" tour is supposed to follow. The unmastered new tracks on that fine page sound tasty, so it should be great! Huzzah!

The Rockies can suck a cock.

Yeah, that's right. Yes, it's wonderful that they're the first team to win 21 out of 22 games after September 1st (of course, I do want them to wreck the fucking Red Sox). However, when these mile high douchebags start trying to TRADEMARK ROCKTOBER is when I GET PISSED OFF! Rocktober is the rockingest month of the year for all, not for your stupid baseball team and its stupid fans. Goddamnit.

Two things dawned on me last week. For one, Envelope's Insignificant Anthems is an OK, not great, album. Would have been better as an EP (maybe even a 8 song "long EP"), as it loses a great deal of steam in the second half. More importantly, however, I also realized that listening to music with Andy (and getting his reaction on it) seems to spur a more realistic view on music within me (pretty gay, huh). I have a tendency to "like" a ton of music, thinking it's great and all, but then having to sit in a car listening to it with other ears is a tough test to pass. I should perform that test more often, I suppose, but this lil blurb is gay enough.

Well, hopefully I have more to say soon. There might also be some donewritings soon, so look out for those too! Peace out, brotherhams.

Monday, October 08, 2007

No. Seriously.

This blog is not dead. Neither am I. Well, it's possible that these thoughts did not pass through any minds of my faithful readers, but the reliable ticker to the right seems to think people are still coming here, so I would like to encourage that behavior. I will have new content for you shortly. I love you baby, just keep lovin' me.