Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Into Action!

So. It's been 27 days since I had an actual post, with ORIGINAL images NEVER SEEN BEFORE (well, never seen before on Andy's blog)!!! I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen again, you know, the writins, but NEWS~! has burst forth today. Wallow in the glow, fallows!

The Dirtbombs Return To Cleveland!

Yes indeed, everyone's favorite live band has decided to schedule one show, resuscitating their Turkey Day weekend jam at the Beachland. They are playing the Tavern (?!?!?) on Saturday, November 24th. I'm assuming tickets will go damn fast in the Tavern, so holla at a playa post-haste if you're down for the trip. The Dirtbombs' myspace fan-site also says that the new album, We Have You Surrounded, is slated for a February 2008 release and a "full" tour is supposed to follow. The unmastered new tracks on that fine page sound tasty, so it should be great! Huzzah!

The Rockies can suck a cock.

Yeah, that's right. Yes, it's wonderful that they're the first team to win 21 out of 22 games after September 1st (of course, I do want them to wreck the fucking Red Sox). However, when these mile high douchebags start trying to TRADEMARK ROCKTOBER is when I GET PISSED OFF! Rocktober is the rockingest month of the year for all, not for your stupid baseball team and its stupid fans. Goddamnit.

Two things dawned on me last week. For one, Envelope's Insignificant Anthems is an OK, not great, album. Would have been better as an EP (maybe even a 8 song "long EP"), as it loses a great deal of steam in the second half. More importantly, however, I also realized that listening to music with Andy (and getting his reaction on it) seems to spur a more realistic view on music within me (pretty gay, huh). I have a tendency to "like" a ton of music, thinking it's great and all, but then having to sit in a car listening to it with other ears is a tough test to pass. I should perform that test more often, I suppose, but this lil blurb is gay enough.

Well, hopefully I have more to say soon. There might also be some donewritings soon, so look out for those too! Peace out, brotherhams.


Andy said...

This was the best effort you've put forth in literally years, blog wise. You are the cicada of the online diary world.

Andrew said...

ROFL, thanks. I was inspired.

So, Dirtbombs?

Andy said...

It's definitely something to consider.