Friday, January 25, 2008

God bless the internet!

Hey Ghost, don't look at me. I copped both of those jawns (raprapraprap) in stores, so I'll be looking to pow-wow when you come through Bustown. ROFL at youtube.

So what's good? I dunno why the blog is struggling these days. It just seems to be difficult for me to focus on cranking shit out. Yeah, if I had a half hour (or even 15 mins) of every day reserved for blogging, it would probably help me to get all the random semi-blogworthy thoughts onto the digital page, but don't hold your breath on that plan. I'll just keep fighting the good fight to bring the jams to the blog.

That's What Friends Are For

A goodly portion of the readers here should know that I had my fourth (and final, as far as I'm concerned!) round of gum surgery on Tuesday. I've been sticking with soup, yogurt, and applesauce, but today at work Victor and I wanted to go out to lunch. So we went to "The Holler" (Chinese place with good lunch special; it was formerly $3.99, leading to the nickname "4 dollar holler;" it is now $4.29, leading to a lack of catchy new nickname options and causing us just to use the old one). Anyway, I usually get the General Tso's, but the chicken is crunchy and therefore bad for the healing mouth. Somehow I reasoned that the Sesame chicken would feature soft chicken so I ordered that. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the Sesame had the same chicken as the Tso's. So, I was about to brave it and hope for the best. But Victor, being the kind soul that he is, offered to trade me his "Lo Mein Medley" (a plate brimming with noodles and fried rice, nothing else) for my chicken! Huzzah! He is a nice guy, and it felt like we were back in the elementary school cafeteria. Thanks again, pal.

Stooping to the kind of personal stories like the one you just read is one of the billion factors keeping this blog from being the grand music information depository that I've always envisioned, but it probably keeps the most vocal reader of the blog happy, so WHY NOT?!? Have a good weekend!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some hip-hop reading for your week

Yo, I'm still working on some sweet new content for you, my beloved reader. I guess I've been pretty busy lately, or something. I apologize. In a weak attempt to keep your attention, here are some other folks writing about (and sharing some) hip-hop a great deal better than I can:

Fat Lace: "Underrated/Underhated #1." "Well, Meth, the astral plane doesn’t exist and the place where the bitches is at does, so Mannie wins that one." Pure hilarious genius. I think my life has improved greatly since these British dudes made their reappearance via the blogosphere.

From Da Bricks: "Pete Rock Dream Collaborations List." Dan Love of From Da Bricks and J. Ben Leonard of Floodwatch Music drop some serious knowledge on full-length album collaborations between 10 MCs and Pete Rock that never happened, and why they should have. Rap nerd wet dream-type shit.

Well, I will return soon with more, but these two articles have mystified me enough to believe that you will enjoy them too. Peaces.

Friday, January 04, 2008


Bad news, sports fans. Nate Dogg supposedly had a stroke. On my birthday. I'm sorry Nate Dogg, what did I do?

(P.S. My computer's back on the innernutz. ROFL.)