Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some hip-hop reading for your week

Yo, I'm still working on some sweet new content for you, my beloved reader. I guess I've been pretty busy lately, or something. I apologize. In a weak attempt to keep your attention, here are some other folks writing about (and sharing some) hip-hop a great deal better than I can:

Fat Lace: "Underrated/Underhated #1." "Well, Meth, the astral plane doesn’t exist and the place where the bitches is at does, so Mannie wins that one." Pure hilarious genius. I think my life has improved greatly since these British dudes made their reappearance via the blogosphere.

From Da Bricks: "Pete Rock Dream Collaborations List." Dan Love of From Da Bricks and J. Ben Leonard of Floodwatch Music drop some serious knowledge on full-length album collaborations between 10 MCs and Pete Rock that never happened, and why they should have. Rap nerd wet dream-type shit.

Well, I will return soon with more, but these two articles have mystified me enough to believe that you will enjoy them too. Peaces.


Andy said...

I don't know what to do with this blog entry. Sorry. It confuses me.

Andrew said...

Well, ya see, you read the links. After you read them, answer the following questions:

1. Was the Fatlace article not hilarious? Do you agree with the sentiments therein or not?

2. Was the From Da Bricks article not insightful and rapnerdy to an otherworldly degree? Would you have liked to hear these collabos?