Thursday, February 19, 2004

Or was it today???

This blog nonsense is spreading like the damn plague, so I figured my computer-challenged ass should join the party. This development is much to the dismay of my dumb friend John Tarrell (best middle name...EVER) Preston, who is mocking me as I type. Oh well, he is lame and dying of whooping cough/creeping death, so who cares? Anyway, since things are going pretty well in the rock department these days, I figured I might as well write about it.

Last night's Apollo Sunshine low dough show was awesome. Andy and Ashley were fine rock compatriots and should be commended for their efforts. I talked to a girl named Amanda about fine rock bands and life and whatnot, that was cool. Apollo Sunshine rocked, their set was about the same as the one they played at Andyman's a month ago, but that's fine because about 15 people saw that show. They did add some new songs, and I think I could listen to their cover of "Hey Ya" about 50 times in a row, so it's cool. I won a Heineken during the show for answering a very random trivia question that I cannot remember. It was a twistoff, but Amanda opened it with her teeth and then demanded a few good swigs, which was OK, haha. Anyway, after the show, I discovered my new free paper fame (go here and go to the Meltdown section), then ran back to get Jesse from the band to sign my copy, which was cool. OK, that's enough about that.

Alright, I promise this blog will get less lame and I'll talk about cool music and stuff, but that might take a while. So will links and commenting abilities, hahaha.

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