Sunday, February 22, 2004

And While We're Talking About BET Uncut,

I need to comment on the video for Murs' "Risky Business," which is closing out the show tonight. Now that Murs feels the need to air out his problems with his fanbase that is white and not black, I think I can air out my problems with this video.
1. It's not nearly dirty enough for "Uncut." This is the problem with 80% of the videos on there these days, so he's just adding to the issue. Sure, there are some hot chicks and a few humpin around on each other at points, but not enough is going on to properly reward me for staying up until 4 AM to see it.
2. It looks like it was shot with Murs' friend's camcorder. This is my main issue with the video. I know Def Jux likely does not have a huge budget for music videos, but neither does anyone else in underground hip-hop, so why even make one? Or if you are gonna make one, why try to push it to BET Uncut? The video quality is an issue with about 50% of the videos on the show, so why add to that problem as well? If Def Jux is still trying to present itself as the leader/savior of underground hip-hop, they cannot afford to make substandard videos that just blend in with videos featuring 5 chicks in bathing suits dancing around a car in the rapper's driveway and videos by Joker Da Bailbondsman.
3. Finally, it's just not that entertaining/satisfying. Like I said, not much T&A is the main problem here. OK, I'm not complaining about getting a nice appearance from Shock G/Humpty Hump, because that's always good. And the way Murs carries himself in the video is kinda funny. But like #2, if Def Jux has little to no other videos being shown on major video carriers (what else is there now, maybe an Aesop Rock on Mtv2 or something?), I think they need to wow folks with what they have.
Wow, I guess I had alot to get off my chest about that, I feel better now.

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