Thursday, August 30, 2007


Yes indeed, ladies and germs, this is my 150th post. It only took me 3 and a half years, aren't you proud of me??? OK, as a math dude, I have to mention that this only works out to an average of about 3.5 posts a month. Womp womp. I'll work on bringing that up in the sure-to-be-"postful" weeks upcoming. I mean, I am on an upswing as I posted 11 times in August, my third-most posts in any one month ever (behind the first two months of the blog)!!! Look out 200! Anyway, I'm doing alright, the usual ups and downs. Frankfort, KY was a good time last weekend. Mmm, Old Style (Sorry, Naps, that's all I got). This weekend, it's off to the bustling metropolis of Wind Ridge, PA. Yeah, it's a camp lodge in the middle of the country, but it's the home of WOOSTOCK. Mmm, Yuengling, and old college friends. Hopefully I'll get settled into my new place (and posting regularly) next week when all this traveling has ended. We'll see what happens!

Now, since I downloaded it about six months ago, I've been impressed with the application. You know, that deal that keeps track (or, "scrobbles") all the songs you play on iTunes, sharing your playlist on the web (like that display on the upper right of this page) and putting you out there with other like-minded citizens (come visit me here). Now, come to find out, it also fails to reveal how crazy you are when you listen to the same song umpteen times in a row (that's funny, the spellchecker doesn't like iTunes, or spellchecker for that matter, but it has no problem with umpteen). You see, this week has been weird. I have had serious difficulty sleeping. This reached a peak Tuesday night when I didn't fall asleep until after 5. Sucked. So, at one point, definitely not in my best mindstate, I fell upon the mellow tones of "Go Places," from the new New Pornographers album, Challengers. I listened to it ten times in a row. Probably not obsessive or anything (?!) but still much different from my normal listening pattern. Helluva song though, so it deserved it. So anyway, though I played it ten times, my good chum scrobbled it twice. ROFL. I haven't really decided if that's a good or bad thing, but like I said, my profile doesn't reveal that I was going crazy, so I guess that's good. Also, the whole album is pretty damn nice. Peeps don't seem to dig it as much as previous works, but I'm into it. Where Twin Cinema is a tuneful kick in the ass, this one is a(n even more) tuneful bubble bath (if the bath has an internal boot that kicks your ass every once in a while). Wow. Read an actual well-written review from my DW colleague Han Q. Duong here.

Something else I got into during my sleepless night was I had read about it on da tubes, and Andy was biggin it up recently, so I finally checked it out. Pretty dope. It makes internet radio based on a band (or bands) you like, and seems to do it pretty well. I gave them Sabu Martinez and they cranked out a good Cuban station. I gave them Television and they gave me a post-punk station that I've carved into something else by adding more bands. Good times. Of course, being the advanced internetter that I am, I had also heard of this site, which is based on the ingenious concept of combining and Pandora! So you can scrobble all your Pandora joints! And here I thought you had to be downloading to enjoy music on the internet! I mean, not me.

So yeah, I guess my sleepless night was good writing fodder, so that's helpful. It even gave me time to check out Tha Bomb Shelter, a cool Columbus-based music blog where Harry has reviewed the new Aesop Rock joint quite glowingly (though comparing it to Deltron is risky business in these parts). Cold check it. I gotta go to bed. Have a good weekend.


Andy said...

DId you add pictures to this post or were they there from the start? I feel like I'm trippin' balls looking at that first pic.

Andrew said...

The pics were there from the start, and you ARE trippin balls.

Andy said...

I'm bloggin' hard, and you're hardly bloggin'! BALLIN'!