Sunday, September 09, 2007

Time To Randomize

Well, maybe these weeks won't be postful if I can't think of anything to write. So, while we wait for the wave of brainpower and creativity to crest upon us, I figured I'd at least give you another random MP3 review post. Party time! And Go Browns!!!

Sonic Youth - "Do You Believe In Rapture?"

2006's Rather Ripped is the only Sonic Youth album I've listened to completely. If this is their old-man material, then maybe I should finally get my act together and hit the back catalog. Good startup tune.

Antibalas - "Filibuster XXX"

Wow, two non-raps in a row? Crazy! And, for the record, I can't fathom tapping away at the keyboard for all 12 minutes of this, so I might be hitting ye olde skip button at some point. I'm sure there have to be plenty of 2007 political jams out there that I haven't heard, but this has to be on the list of the best. Of course, we don't get vocals until about 7 minutes in, but the boys gotta warm up, you know? Man, they sure warmed up the Wexner Center back in the spring. Woof. In case you missed it, here is my interview with Stuart Bogie, tenor sax player for the Brooklyn juggernaut. Excelsior!

Ghostface Killah - "All That I Got Is You"

That's more like it. Of course, this song is pretty sad, but I'll keep going. This comes from a Ghostface comp called Wonderful World of Wallabees, which, upon reading the title, sounded like something magical. But no, it appears to be an earlier Ghostface greatest hits collection with a wacky name. This song sure ain't different. So, I should probably delete the overlapping compilation to regain some space, but what fun is that? I'll just buy more memory, ROFL.

Brand Nubian - "Right Here"

Smooth jam with some ill muted trumpet. "More accurate than an Acura?" Uh, Puba, really? Anyhoo, this comes from a 2007's Time's Runnin' Out, a collection of Brand Nubian material that was recorded in 1997 and mostly didn't surface on Foundation, I guess. Good song.

CNN - "Neva Die Alone"

"Rip shit like Wrestlemania!" Not my favorite track on The War Report, but still a hard beat and our favorite Lefrak gangsters rip it well. When I first heard this album, it had a menacing, paranoid tone that is still intact today. Too bad they couldn't keep it hot, fuck jail.

J. Bully (I think) - "Get Rite"

Yeah, this is off a random shitty mixtape that's been on the computer for six months at this point. Why? DELTETED!!! Deltaco?

Aesop Rock - "Bring Back Pluto"

Oh Aesop, keep us up on current topics. Pluto should still be a planet, I agree. This new album is pretty hot. I thought I was done buying Aesop albums, but then I heard it and said, "Sure!" Also, the Def Jux tactic of recording the name of the person that they gave the promo copy to on the front and back of each track is good fun.

Just-Ice - "Lyric Licking"

"I didn't know what to write, I just sat down and wrote it." Wow, simple wisdom from Just-Ice. Shoulda started with this track. Nice dancehall-inflected rap party. I should listen to more Just-Ice.

Down South - "Open Sesame"

Yeah, there's not nearly enough obscure '90s raps on this computer. ROFL. Anyway, I got this from Jaz's Back to 1994 Volume 1 Mix. Ill Beatnuts production on this one.

Supreme NTM - "Qui paiera les degats"

Speaking of obscure early 90s raps with Beatnuts production! Well, there was actually a 45 second 2003 Headhunters song in there, but life is...too short. Anyway, the difference with this track is that these dudes are French. No idea what they're saying, but I think I understood those gunshots. Sounds about as menacing as possible for some Frogs, so good job guys!

Gotta run. Keep your eyes open for new jams!

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Andy said...

Was Just-Ice served? ROFFLE @ Brownies. Lion and tigers and squares, yeah God.