Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why? Why not?

toothpaste for dinner

Thanks, toothpastefordinner.com, for the lovely start to this entry. ROFL at Cincinnati. (EDIT: Fuck, I might need to buy this. Feel free to vote yes or no in the comments section!) Anyhoo, sorry for more slow posting and thank you for reading this. Goddamn MP3s chirpin in my earpiece! Thanks for nothing, "Kites!" As I was saying, beautiful topics for my loyal reader.5s' consumption have been hard to come by. I've had some musical ideas, but I've not been super inspired by them. And let's face facts, I don't want to write about my life and you probably don't want to read about it. You really don't. So, let's soldier on, shall we? Today's entry will be some quick musical observations on recent listenings and, believe it or not, a rock show or two! And the fact that today's PTW jams sure beat the pants off yesterday's. Just a bunch of chirping and humming and parakeets. Ehhh.


First of all, I'm debuting with a new band (well, it's their second show technically) on Friday night at Cafe Bourbon Street. It's called Sir Real & The Drag and features Jim and Dave of Night of Pleasure fame and Jesse of Dolby Fuckers fame. There's guitars, a bass, and a bunch of keyboards and drum machines. And my sturdy bari sax on a few choice numbers. The music is pretty noisy, but there's a little structure to latch onto. We're playing with This Moment In Black History, The Deathers (a new project from Bim of This Moment), and Necropolis, so I'm pretty excited. C'mon out, Andy and Jason will be drinking with me and you!


I stumbled upon this lovely album on my computer in some late-night listening recently. Actually, I was hunting through my MP3s looking for stuff that was begging to be deleted. You know, like bad raps or songs with made-up genres or other whatnottery. This album has the genre label "A Cappella," which sounded like bullshit to me, so it was on the chopping block, but I decided to give it a listen. Good call by this guy! Bauchklang is a group of Austrian dudes that compose entire songs (and albums) simply with beatboxin'. I can't make up my mind how groundbreaking this is, but the results are pretty awesome, so that's the important thing, right? They sign in English well, but mostly lay down some sick beats and cool sound effects. This album is not even available here in the States, so dudes, find an affordable way for me to own this legally and I'll make it happen, but only then, OK? Thanks.

Bob Log III in Cleveland

Yes indeed folks, Renkes and I went to see the immortal Bob Log III in Cleveland last Thursday night. It had been 3 years since my last visit with the Log (4 for Renkes), so it was a refreshing dip in the rock 'n roll pool. Yes, it was a pain to drive to Cleveland on a Thursday night (and work Friday, unlike Renkes). However, I realized that our neighbors to the north are much better-suited to throw a proper Bob Log party. Mostly because of the higher greaser population and lower collective morals. Perfect! After two Columbus shows where a total of 3 women "may" have placed their boobs in the scotch under the guard of their faithful shirts, we were honored to see five (5!) bare breasts lovingly placed into their icy friend. Now, no boob scotch was actually passed around this party (damn low morals), but those breasts were comfort enough. He did all the classics (he had a diatribe about people asking for new material and him responding that his set was perfect, how could he change it?!) and his old friend Shirley (his new pet name for Cleveland) got him drunk. Best Bob Log show I may ever see. Local burlesque troupe The Pussyfoot Girls (proud owners of 4 of the 5 boobs in question) and local devil-rapin' hillbilly duo Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival were fine openers. And it was all over at 12:30! Hallelujah!

OK, that's about all I got. I'll have thoughts on more albums soon. And yes, even Friday's Iron & Wine song whooped that gobbledygook that PTW called songs on Monday. Excelsior!


Andy said...

Iron and Wine're those dudes. I vote nay on that bullshit shirt that denigrates pan flutes. Also, I think you could strike a nice balance between life and musical ramblings.

Andrew said...

1a. Iron & Wine is like one dude, dude.
1b. The song in question (from the new album) was good, but I'm not ready to celebrate his entire catalog yet.
2. Well, that sounds like hate, but fair enough, the count so far is 0 Yays, 1 Nay. Not sure yet how much my vote counts for though, so anything could happen!
3. This, however, is not up for vote! No life for you! I mean hey, I wrote about a band I'm in, isn't that good enough?

Andy said...

Iron and Wine is one dude? I wonder how the Postal Service feels about being so thoroughly out-efficiencied.

The Pussyfoot Girls said...

My oh MY what a night! What a girl will do when Bob Log III asks her! We're glad you had a good time.