Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Budos Band II

(Part 2 of 10 of Funkstravaganza 2007!)

Today, August 7th, 2007, marks the official release of The Budos Band's second album, Budos Band II. Though the first album is quite the funky experience (more to come on that later), this new banger is off the charts. Somehow they've managed to go in a few more directions sonically while producing a sharper sound, which I previously thought was impossible. Though the "afro" and the "funk" are still firmly in place, there are also more Latin and soundtrack bits this time around. And oh yeah, the horn section is still BRUTAL. Opening track and lead single "Chicago Falcon" has been a favorite in the FunkDefy! camp ever since it hit Myspace. The percussion and bass lay down a serious clappin' groove, setting it up for those horns. The rest of the album thumps just as hard, conjuring up images of dancing bongos ("Adeniji"), the Budos singing smoky love songs to Mulatu ("Origins of Man"), and the Wu-Tang Clan solving a mystery in Cairo ("Budos Rising"). Cinematic indeed.

So yes, hit the webstores and iTunes and BUY THIS ALBUM! Or, if you can wait that long, come buy it at the Ravari on August 16th (or at their other dates, for you outta-towners). Early frontrunner for funk album of the year (though there are always contenders in the offing).

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