Thursday, August 02, 2007

Movin On Up

Hopefully this sweet pic makes up for that crappy title. Yes, as my most vocal reader has noted, I just moved to new digs, 7 blocks south and 2 blocks east of the old digs. Just call me College Joe. Anyway, turmoil reigns in the realm of computer access and writin time. So I'm piecing something meager together in the hopes that any new readers I have gained during my phantasmagorical return don't flee during these boring times. I may just scrap my "innovative" concept for a new series of entries as they seem to warrant more thought and effort than I can currently give them (while still posting once a week or so). So we'll see about that.

Hey, I did write something

My review of the new self-titled Dolby Fuckers album (and preview of Friday's release party) is now up at Donewaiting. In other news, I also played baritone sax on one of the songs on this album, and will be playing it live at the release party. Hopefully I walked the great bias tightrope with some dexterity. If you live in Columbus, I expect to see you Friday. It is FREE.

Show Reviewz?!?!?

As my long-time readers know, the live show (p)review was once the hallmark of this blog. As anyone currently reading this shadow of its former self knows, I have not published a live show review on da nets in approximately 412.6 grips (cd review/show preview combos have happened). Actually, the boys in research just told me that my last DW show review was written on April 16, 2007, which was the first one since March 30, 2006, while the last show review here was written on October 25, 2005. Diznamn. What the hell happened? Good question. Now, I can't make any promises about increased output, but I'm gonna make an effort to give some brief impressions on shows whenever I get a chance. Sure, I've been to less shows lately too, but that makes it even more important that I write about the ones I do attend in the hopes that I remember them more effectively. Whew.

So, on Monday night at Carabar, I saw San Diego's Red Pony Clock (previously written about here) and Columbus' Kyle Sowashes (I unfortunately had to miss Heavy Mole and the Red Pony Clock/Heavy Mole Superjam II because I had to like, you know, work in the morning). Kyle and his Sowashes rocked extra hard the most. Wow, maybe I haven't seen enough of the full Sowashes lineup, because I think my face melted a bit. Sure, when they're crankin full tilt (and tambourine man is moshing into Kyle) it's kinda difficult to hear Kyle's vocals, but isn't that true of most bands? Whatever, they slayed. RPC also took care of biz. They have an eleven-piece lineup on this tour, which seems to indicate the one main problem with the band: lack of cohesion/focus. Too many technical ideas and not enough "tightness." Some of these problems even exist in the album versions of the new songs (God Made Dirt is pretty good though), which I guess renders the concert sloppiness unsurprising. So, I wish the brothers Saucedo would either streamline the lineup a bit or at least take out some superfluous song sections so this ramshackle outfit has a better chance of staying together. ASIDE FROM ALL THAT, they were great! New fun songs, at least one electro backbeat, and trombone gags are all fun things. The horns sounded great. So yeah, if they tinker a little bit more with the formula, they could be onto something.

So that's what's up. Come holler at me this weekend and I'll promise to post at least weekly.


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