Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Never that! Delayed until now! What's shakin, y'all? I'm trying to ramp up from the "one post a week" schedule, but it's been a struggle so far. Just keep reading and commenting, and I think I'll get in the groove. Of course, I'm moving this weekend, so that could be disaster for my internet time. I do have a "MAJOR ESSAY SERIES" that will start post-haste, but has been slow-going so far. So enjoy stopgap material, like a portion of an interview from our good ol pal 50 Cent, courtesy of Sleazy Trees at

The Fifster Unloads On All Who Oppose!! Shit Talk Roundup, 7/20/07, By: Trees

“Vitamin Water”. The hype machine is on full power nowadays for Connecticut’s own 50 Cent as he prepares to drop his 3rd solo effort; CURTIS to the masses. Now I ain’t gonna lie and I know I’ll catch some heat for this but I’ve never really disliked 50, thought he was kind of entertaining actually. I never copped Massacre, but I bought Get Rich, enjoyed some of his singles, never hated without cause.. but dude crossed the fucking line going after Ghostface. Anyway, for those that missed it, 50 and Yayo are featured in this months SPIN magazine trashing the career of the almighty Tony Starks. Here is an excerpt:

SPIN: So what do you really think about those guys who say they're not going to curse anymore?
50: They're just saying it. They're not going to really do it.
SPIN: Yeah, it's hard to imagine Ghostface is going to stop cursing, especially considering his last couple of records.
YAYO: The streets are different now. Guys like Ghostface don't matter. They don't. They had a run, but it's over.
SPIN: But can't he just make a great record, even if it doesn't sell, and we can appreciate it as listeners, as hip-hop fans?
50: No, because a great record is embraced and enjoyed by the public. And it's played in cars and clubs.
SPIN: What if it sells a couple hundred thousand copies, isn't that valid? Or does it have to sell millions for you to take it seriously?
50 CENT: In my camp, a couple hundred thousand records is a failure. From my perspective, if I sell 200,000 copies, after selling 12 million records, it's considered terrible.
SPIN: But maybe he's trying to make a different kind of record?
50 CENT: What, the kind people don't buy?
SPIN: No, one with incredible, detailed storytelling that's moving and powerful, and isn't dependent on some obvious hook.
50 CENT: Look, I understand all that. But if you're on a major record label, and he [Ghostface] is, and you sell a couple hundred thousand records, that was a failure. Your fuckin' photos and videos aren't recouped with 200,000 copies sold.
SPIN: OK, but can you at least acknowledge that a commercial flop, like, say, [Ghostface's] Supreme Clientele, can still be an artistic achievement?
YAYO: He didn't even write that album, man.
SPIN: What?
YAYO: He didn't write it. That kid from Far Rockaway -- Superb -- he wrote that record. You know Superb from Far Rock?
SPIN: No, and that's a pretty serious charge.
50: I don't know nothing about any of that. He's the writer. I'm not gonna say he ain't write it. But it still didn't work! I mean, when I make music, I make it with the intention that the world's gonna enjoy it. I have music that I feel like is really good music, but I haven't released it. There's things playing at my house right now that's never gonna be played on the radio. And that music isn't out there, because I didn't feel like enough people would actually respond to it.

ROFL. "Buy my book! Buy my book! Buy my book!" What a clown. You leave Ghost out of this. And I'll leave you with a "tasty" Flavor of Love-related link. See you soon!


Andy said...

I even saw what the link said, and I still clicked it. SHUDDER.

Fuck Fiddy, but fuck Tony Yayo even more. That's some bullshit.

Andrew said...

Yeah, those pics aren't hot, but they still did an OK job with the "editing." They probably wore out two or three airbrush machines that day.

Yeah, that whole interview is hilarious. There's more excerpts if you go the UGHH link I provided. And if we're talking about sales, I don't even know how Yayo is allowed in the room.

Poobis said...

I always read yours andrew. :-)

Andrew said...

Awwww, thanks Adam. I apologize for my bitchy retort (and any further comments THAT ARE AWAITING APPROVAL ON ANDY'S BLOG!!!), pal.

Andy said...

Why aren't you bringin' the content like that gangsta over at BotBTWDMtSM? Dude is sick.