Sunday, July 15, 2007

Come come now

Oh, faithful readership (ok, fine, reader-canoe), you didn't think I'd give up that easily, did you? Things are going pretty well. Andy and I are somewhere in the middle of Season 3 of The Office, which has been an enlightening experience for me. Maybe there's some TV worth watching after all. I really really really love the new Patton Oswalt album. It came out four days ago and I can mouth along with him on over half the material. I even bought the old one today! I guess a man that combines my last name and Chops' last name was bound to be tremendous.

OK, on to business. Inspired by some previous bloggins by my best bud, I am now turning on the random MP3 machine and we'll see what I have to say about the results.

Mr. Me Too (Remix) - The Clipse f/Notorious B.I.G.

Yeah, I didn't even realize this existed (or that it was on my computer) until it just popped up. It comes from a mixtape promoting the new album and feels like something that was slapped together for such an occasion. Why? Because they used the same beat and just inserted the first verse from "Everyday Struggle" to start the song. The rest appears to be exactly the same. Which is fine, but taking a pretty sweet song (Mediterrane Up!) and adding one of the best rappers ever makes the expectations a bit higher. Jussayinisall.

Ain't Love - SSM

Great song from great album. I'm still sad that no one showed up for their show at Little Brothers a few months back. Detroit Rock City, muhfuckas! Man, if they did a show opening for the Dirtbombs at the Magic Stick, I'd be there no matter what. With Andy, obviously. Detroit rock pals for life!

Pray For Sound - Pearls & Brass

That was another good LBs show that did better but was still on the under-attended side. Putting on underground touring band shows in Columbus (or anywhere for that matter) appears to be fucking tough business. I know there's talk about someone continuing on with the LBs name, but I hope that if someone does it, they're ready to work VERY hard. I think Columbus needs a replacement, but it's not money in the bank. Proceed with caution. And keep meltin' shit, Pearls & Brass!

Warm It Up Kane - Big Daddy Kane

There was a thread about people's favorite rap voices on Omnimix a while back. I didn't comment, but one of my choices would have to be Kane. He had a very smooth and clear tone, but still had enough kick to pack some menace. "Now whose flat-top rules in 89?"

The Flow - Akrobatik

I think this was the b-side to "Internet MCs," so I obviously haven't given it the love that I give (gave?) that gem, but it's pretty good. Too many rappers. I could see this man being a favorite of mine if there wasn't so much competition. I need to give that Perceptionists album a listen.

125 Part I (The Bio) - Joell Ortiz

This man has generated a goodly amount of hype, but it could be deserved, as he raps pretty damn hard. Also seems to be a better self-promoter than most rappers, which is saying something. I'm interested to see what happens.

Time Is Coming - Illogic

Even my MP3 player reps Bustown! What What What?!? I mean, I forgot about this song. Hotness. Oh, it's on Write To Death 2, so maybe I've only listened to it once or twice prior. I need to keep this in rotation and find out who produced it. I hope Ill keeps things moving because I think he still has alot to say.

Keeps It Movin' - Hangar 18

Alright, this isn't one of my favorites on the album, but the album as a whole still remains among my top purchases under the pressure of serious Scribble Jam salesmanship. They droppin' another album? Let's hope so. I like how Wind and Alaska trade bars; I think it differentiates them from other rap conglomerates out there.

Girls All Pause
- Kurupt & Nate Dogg

Not Nate's best crooning. I need to go to bed and this is driving me there. But this post could keep rolling if I don't finish before the next song starts. Ha! Made it! OK, I didn't but this shitty Depeche Mode demo is not gonna keep me going either. Look for more randomness soon!


Andy said...

LOOSELY inspired by. I didn't write a fuckin' book about every song. You're more hardcore than me, though.

Andrew said...


Joel said...

That SSM show was pretty sweet!

Andy said...

Haven't I seen SSM?

Andrew said...

Yes Joel, the SSM show was sweet. I love touring rock bands that bring it despite there being 20 people watching them. Thanks for reading!

Andy, unless you saw them without me, at a show I didn't know about, you have not seen SSM. They played LBs at the end of Feb, and that's the only Cols appearance ever that I know of.

Andy said...

Maybe I'm thinking of SNMNMNM or S&M&M&M or whatever the fuck that band in Athens was called.

Andrew said...

Well then yes, you saw them, SNMNMNM or whatever the hell it is that opened for MC Chris.

Andy said...


Andy said...