Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fight The Good Fight

Or perhaps, "Write The Good Write." Anyhoo, I've been slackin' on my pimpin' lately. How am I going to become a decent writer if I don't write regularly? Good filsnockin question. Ya know, I don't listen to music as much as I really want to, but I still listen to alot of shtuff and probably could write some thangs. So, if I stick to the current plan (that showed up in my head like 30 minutes ago), I'm going to pop on here as often as possible. I'm not gonna try and convince you of some hogwash like "I'ma write everyday" or whatnot, but I'm gonna give this some effort. I hope. Don't worry, my more "serious" writing will still appear on ye olde Donewaiting; this project is just to keep productive and moving forward, hopefully inspiring some more stuff for that lovely site as well. So here goes.

Last Sunday I finally got around to buying the 2003 CD reissue of Television's Marquee Moon. This is a purchase I've been considering for aeons: either it's never in stock, or I've always hesitated on paying $14.99 (or more) for the disc. I think I first wanted the album before I ever heard any of it, and definitely before I had an estranged love affair with the title track. When I used to hang out at Ravari Room happy hours more often, the song would come on the jukebox occasionally and I'd think, "I like this song...what is it again?" After bugging people or striding up to the juke about five times, it stuck. Especially when I'd lose track of the lengthy quieter jam in the middle and the end would pop up and rock again, bringing the almost eleven minute proceedings to a triumphant end.

So anyway, I finally decided that the mental burden of not owning this album was more costly than $14.99 + tax (and that the bonus tracks made it worth it) and took this bad boy home with me. I'm still getting into it, so I really can't say that all of the tracks are my favorite songs ever, but I've definitely got some new favorites (when I don't just repeat the aforementioned title classic). "Elevation" (track 5) is that ol' ill shit, especially the pause in the chorus that becomes strangely addictive. I know, most people reading this either have no interest in Television or are charter members of the Verlaine fan club, but I had to share my evolution in following these dudes. I'll update this "story" sometime in the future.

Other News:

RIP Boots Randolph.
Folks keep dying, and it keeps making me sad. I listened to a few LPs Thursday night when I found out. Yeah, a bit corny at times, but definitely a simple pleasure. Keep on honkin' in heaven, sir.

Today is a monumental day in bloggin history, because 7/7/07 is when the action happens. Alongside the triumphant return that you just faithfully read, Andy's blog is also back! And of course, he hit y'all with a PICTURE PARTY that is 7 to 30 times more entertaining than what you just read, so YOU'LL FUCKIN' LOVE IT!!! It's like February 2004 all over again!!!!! See you next time, dudes.


Andy said...

I'd say 5 to 18 times more entertaining at best. Good work, hustler. EXCELSIOR!

Andy said...

Hey, I downloaded that mixtape gimmick.

Andrew said...

Gimmick?!? I mean, let me know what you think of it when you think of it.

Andy said...

You know my very approving thoughts on "My Flows Is Tight".

"Love and Happiness" was nice, mellow, background music. GRIS GRIS TO DEATH, SON!

The Large Professor joint is freaking awesome and I can't believe I've gone this long and not heard it. Heartbreaking that I've wasted so much time without this song in my life.

Similarly awesome is this Ping Pong nonsense. I mean, WOW. It kind of opened like an N'Sync song, so I had concerns. But it's the fuckin' bombiest.

A lot of pointless noodling (thanks Chops) on this Sugarman 3 song, so fuck that noise.

Dyke and the Blazers seems pretty baller. Ah, I know this song.

Lefties starts with WACKY KEYBOARDING or something and I get Dream Merchant flashbacks. Then it picks up and RULES. All instrumental, but it feels like it has an actual purpose, rather than the sound and fury signifying nothing from Sugarman 3.

Poets of Rhythm? More like regGAY, am I right? WACKITY SHMACKITY DOOOOOOOO.

Good Christ is "Night Lights" ever an amazing song. Thank you for representin' for the left coast, sir.

Random strings on the Shuggie Otis track = victory. Oh God, and flutes too.

Whoa. Spider Harrison is AWESOME. How was I not hip to this? I mean, DAMN. GET GOSPEL HAPPY, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Holy Jesus it's Latin Michael Jackson. THIS IS INCREDIBLE.

Okay, so... to sum up, 8 songs I actively liked and want to listen to fairly regularly, and only two tracks that I'd go out of my way to not hear again. Pretty good ratio, sir. Hats off.

Andrew said...

Wow, thanks for the sweet review. Yeah, the inclusion of the Al Green cover was half-assed. I listened to it and realized that the intro guitar dealybob was sampled for the intro guitar dealybob on the Large Pro song, so I figured I'd put them back to back. I love ya, pal.