Tuesday, May 18, 2004

CapSoul, Columbus' Own

I know some of my Columbus friends have heard me talk about this recently, but lots of instances have continually reminded me about it, so here's something written. CapSoul was a Columbus soul/R&B label run by Bill Moss, known today in town as that crazy guy on the school board (though I think he's been voted out now). It was a very small, fledgling operation, but apparently put out some quality music. I know this because a new reissue label called Numero Group has put together a compilation of the music called "Eccentric Soul: The CapSoul Label." It was reviewed a few weeks ago in Columbus' Other Paper by ol' John Petric, who loves it. So last Monday, on our run through most of the quality campus record-selling establishments, stopped in at Johnny Go's Music, run by the very same John Petric. I asked him about the comp, he says he doesn't have it, wishes he did, and I ended up on the mission to email the label and check on availability (Johnny Go's computer apparently doesn't have Flash). While undertaking this mission, I found a lovely blog called The Suburbs Are Killing Us (thanks to David's tip), where the author wrote a nice blurb about the CapSoul comp with audio and links to reviews and everything (though you'll have to scroll down the Suburbs blog to May 12 to read about CapSoul, this gives you a good chance to check the other awesome stuff he's written about recently). So it turns out that Numero only does online ordering to keep costs down. Oh well, I'll just have to order it there. Check it out, I know you wanna hear Bill Moss croon some funk!

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