Saturday, May 08, 2004


Yes, Rockuleeeeeeez can now rest comfortably, having completed his SEVEN LABORS.
Labor #7: Rock here, rock there, rock rock everywhere.

So despite the recruitment committee's best efforts to fund a new rock scholar for the evening, yours truly attended the mega-supreme rock show of Electric Six/The Hiss/Back in Spades all by his lonesome. But oh well, more rock for me. Back in Spades is a solid Detroit garage-y band (surprise) that wasn't billed as part of the show and barely made it down from the Motor City in time to rock. But rock they did. It was just good, scrappy rock, played by 4 greeeezy lookin' dudes. These guys bathed in rock because they needed to bathe in something, yaknawmean? The lead singer reminded me of Jason Schwartzman, sans the Hollywood cool. But I talked to him afterwards, he was nice. Sounds like his actual job is editing commercials for Ford, as he commented on the ad on the TV behind the bar and how though it is one he edited, he never sees it because it's a Columbus (or Ohio) specific ad. Riveting, right? I thought so. And the rhythm guitar player, whose rock appears to be slowly wearing out his hair (like me), had the ability to show the pain of rock on his face with every note, it was impressive.
The Hiss was up next, and they kept the rock flowing. They were four less-greeeezy dudes from Atlanta, and I guess you could call it Southern garage rock, or something. One of the guitarists wore a Budweiser logo sweater on stage, that was pretty sweet. Anyway, these guys just killed it, and I just bounced around from one song to the next. If you go to the site, it appears that they are now major label property and the undercover hype machine is at work, but they still rock in concert, so there's hope for them yet. And there's a couple songs on the site that sound like Oasis, luckily they didn't uncork those tonight. I talked to one of the band members after the show, he thinks they should be back to town around July, I'll be there.
And of course, there was another little band from Detroit headlining by the name of...Electric Six. They did not bow down in the face of two top-notch openers, and instead unleashed a non-stop rock dance party like only they know how to do, or something. The lead singer reminded me of a modern-day, slackerized Angus Young, with a suit jacket, mesh hat, and long pants. He did pushups and situps during one tune, leg lifts during another, and arm flailing during most. And one of the guitarists reminded me of Frankenstein. They played the current faves, along with some damn rockin' new stuff. These three bands pleased me immensely.
The only annoying thing was this group of guys standing near me (at the very front). Maybe it's something about Electric Six that has a homo-erotic effect on men, but these guys, some of which seemed to have girlfriends sitting off to the side out of harm's way, were LAME. They probably snapped a 100 pics each with their stupid cellphones, they reached out for the singer and guitarist whenever they were sorta within reach, and just bounced around like giddy girls. I like to have a good time, but these guys were ridiculous. OK, enough ranting.
Labor #6: Man, Heroes of History must have rocked 5 times harder than they did the last time. Abele, Chops and I saw them play with Go Evol Shiki and the Husher at Ruby Tuesdays. The Heroes slayed me. They just pounded through their tunes, including my favorite "Your Mom" or whatever it's called. Then Go Evol Shiki came on and BLEW! It hurt bad. It was cool to see Erin out at the show too, since I don't see her at the bank anymore. So yes friends, go see the Heroes of History soon...or else.
OK, Rockuleez must sleeeep. We're off to Wooster tomorreee, so have a good weekend because I know I will (I think).

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