Sunday, May 16, 2004


Sorry to keep y'alls waiting like that, but computer time has been hard to come by as of late, especially this weekend. Believe you me, I sprinted for this computer when I got the chance. Since we last spoke (ha! subliminal hometown hype fo dat azzzz), I've been a busy dude, I guess. The rock has decreased in a vain attempt to recover from those 7 Labors you've heard too much about. To briefly sum up, last weekend in Wooster for graduation was fun. Having Abele come to visit was cool, especially when we killed record stores and the Ravari Room on Monday. Though this past week rocked considerably less than the week before, there was this show on Tuesday...

Chops and I went down to Little Brothers to see Enon with Blood on the Wall and the Cathedrals. The Cathedrals are a fine up-and-coming band out of Cincinnati that y'all should watch out for. I don't know if I can describe their sound that well, maybe Interpol but less detached and more rockin'. Blood on the Wall is just weird. It's a brother and a sister with another guy on drums, and they just play some sort of deranged-party-garage rock, with strange yet simple lyrics and good energy. Now Enon was cool. Chops and I had both wanted to see them for a long time coming, and they were worth the anticipation. They're a trio that likes to rock, sing, and dance, so there are lots of loops and every song seems to be a different style. Before the show, all I knew was their album "High Society" from 2002, which they played alot of. They're promoting 2003's "Hocus Pocus" which I purchased but have yet to listen to. For the second Little Bros show in a row, I snagged a setlist from the headliner, so do I rock or what? Hahahahaha.
In other news, on Thursday Andy and I went to see "Kill Bill Vol. 1" at the dollar theater. It was the first time for me (yes, I know I'm lame), and it was rather kick-ass. Now I can allow myself to see #2. Friday was Dudes Night Out with my dad, as we went to the home finale for the Destroyers (arena football) and a free Blue Oyster Cult show. BOC was pretty boring, though they did play a few songs from the first album, which I'm sure Lucas would have loved. We just waited for "Don't Fear the Reaper" and then got out of there, you know?
Last night the old school crew of Dave, Andy and I went to Basebrawl at Cooper Stadium. Dave was in town for a wedding, which was weird since Andy and I were talking just days before that it would be nice if Dave showed up for Basebrawl. Good ol' karma. First, the Clippers beat up on the Buffalo Bisons, mainly because the Bisons played defense like...I don't know, something crappy. Then, the HWA put on some postgame wrasslin' that was...not too great. A decent match or two, but there was an awful woman's match and some other nonsense, accompanied by serious, apparently un-solvable sound problems. Boo. Then we rocked Hound Dogs, as if there was any doubt.

As I slyly referred to earlier, Tuesday is the official release date for "Since We Last Spoke," the new album from Bustown's own, RJD2. Reviews have been mixed so far, but I'm sure it'll rock just the same. He has an in-store appearance at Used Kids on Tuesday from 5 to 6 which I'm gonna try and hit up on my way from work, then Andy and I will be attending his release party show at the Wexner Center with Diverse and Automato opening up. Mmmmm, dopeness.
On Saturday, the Plague on Wheels tour hits Little Brothers, with Eyedea & Abilities, Blueprint, Illogic, and someone called Grayskull, so that will be fun. That afternoon, from 2-3, E&A will be at Magnolia Thunderpussy for their own instore, so maybe I'll show up there too.
Yep, it's lookin like a good week. I'm gonna post my thoughts on some recently-purchased CDs soon, maybe I'll start a separate review page like Double Dee's Music of 2004 page. That would be cool. Oh well, this has taken long enough, so enjoy the newness.

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