Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Soon as I get home

...whenever you decide that you haven't heard nearly enough 2Pac lately, just find yourself an old Davekwon mixtape. Problem solved. Hey, that reminds me of the fine ditty we came up with while he was in town (to the tune of "Milkshake" by Kelis):

My mixtapes bring all the boys to the yard
They've got...more 'Pac than yours
They've got...more Shaq than yours
I can help you, but I've got to charge

Or something like that. Lame, I know, but it don't take much to make a hit these days. Anyway, it's looking like it might become a restful night. Sometime I'll make another Tuesday appearance at the Ravari Room, probably not tonight.
Last night, though there were ticket mishaps, Andy, Julia, Julia's brother, and I went to see the Stills at the Newport. The Stills were pretty good. They didn't play a super-long set, but they rocked most of the album, which made sense. I guess they're right after all, logic WILL break your heart. Good Canadian rock band. I guess Metric, one of the openers, has a little fanbase here, but I hated them! Boooo. No description is necessary.

On Saturday was an even better show, that being the mandatory Columbus stop of the Plague on Wheels tour, consisting of Eyedea & Abilities, Blueprint w/DJ Rare Groove, Illogic w/DJ Przm, and Grayskul. I had to go to this one solo, and got there during Grayskul's set. On stage, they were a group consisting of two MCs and a guitarist, and they must have had the rhythm tracks on CD or DAT or something. They were pretty good. No songs about He-Man, sadly, but they rocked it just the same. They're a brand new signing to Rhymesayers, so they should have a new album out in the fall. Next up was hometown hero Illogic. As soon as he started into the first song, Wes, who was standing near me, looks over with a weird expression and says "it sounds horrible." Yeah, somehow the rig set up on the right side of the stage for Illogic and Blueprint was messed up beyond easy repair, because they attempted a handful of times from that point on, but to no avail. Most of the treble would come through OK, but the bass was all distortion. Blueprint came on stage to try and help the show go on, and they ended up rockin a mostly accapella set together, which was not part of the plans, with hip-hop handyman Przm on the beatbox. They still killed it! My favorite was Blueprint's two-part poem (which he supposedly came up with because all these guys have more props than he does due to their poetry) dedicated to the two under-appreciated sectors of the female population: the real skinny girls and the real big girls. Hilarious. The Weightless boys definitely persevered. Eyedea & Abilities rounded out the night with an ass-rockin set. They had a quality medley of hip-hop classics with Eyedea altering the lyrics a bit, rockin. They had about a 10 minute freestyle/scratchin session, rockin. Eyedea can get a bit emotional, ala Slug, from time to time, but overall it was a hip-hop party. And Abilities is a crazy DJ. Overall, a fine night of hip-hop entertainment. David, I see the tour hits the Abbey Pub in Chicago tomorrow night...I'm jussayin is all.
I could write up alot about these, but instead here's a quick paragraph on upcoming shows. Friday is the next CD101 Low Dough show with the Von Bondies, VHS or Beta, and Modena Vox (nice local guys that I met at the show last night). Next Wednesday is a five-dollar hip-hop extravaganza at Skullys: Illogic, Spitball, Envelope (whose CD rocks), and Flip the Early Riser. Damn. The next night, Spookie Daly Pride opens up for some local crap at Little Bros. They're a rockin band, I guess I'm now a member of their street team as I put up 10 posters in stores yesterday, come with me to see them. And then the next two nights, Friday and Saturday of next weekend, are Springfest and Hempfest on campus. Fun fun fun fun fun. It's good training for Bonnaroo.
OK, this is a classic long-ass post. I'll work on keepin it short.


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