Friday, May 21, 2004

Enough of the Loverboy routine...

I'm done working for the weekend. I'd like to start this entry with...
Ice Cube's "We Be Clubbin'" from the Players Club soundtrack:
"Brainiac with the maniac Mack 10"
You hear a lyric a bajillion times and never think about it, then one time you actually try and process it and come up with the result, "What?!?!?" In this case, yes, I guess you could call Mack 10 a maniac. But Ice Cube a brainiac??? The only thing that line has going for it is that it rhymes. This song came out in 1998. With some of the NWA stuff and early solo albums, you could make the case that he was thinking a little, with all the gritty social commentary and whatnot. But by the time he made this (I mean damn, it was called "We Be Clubbin,"!!!), I don't think anyone listening to Ice Cube was thinking "This Ice Cube guy is pretty good, but he's just so damn nerdy!" or "Listen to that rhyme, Dr. Jackson sure is wise." I realize this rant is completely out of left field, but it's Friday afternoon, my brain has been turned off for the weekend.
I'd also like to add that the free screening of "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle" that Renkes and I went to at the Arena Grand last night was pretty funny. If you like Van Wilder or any movie in that group, I'm pretty sure you'd like this one too. The message of the movie might be shaky, but there's lots of cool cameos and outrageous scenes, so it works well. I'm sorry you have to wait until July 30th to see it in theaters.
Alright, it's about time to get out of here. Have a good weekend, y'alls.

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