Thursday, May 06, 2004

What?!? It Ain't Sunday Yet?!?

Oh, I just figured I'd keep y'all off-guard by posting on a Thursday. Being in the middle of the 7 Labors, I still have alot to talk about (go figure). And oh yeah, that Sleepidra is a bitch, she almost snagged me last night. Last two labors are looking shaky, so please do your part to clear your respective schedules and help out Rockuleeez. I'm soon going to pick up Abele, my old college roommate, at the airport as he's coming to Ohio to see his sister graduate from the Woo. So hopefully we'll rock out tonight at Ruby Tuesdays. And as far as tomorrow night goes:

ROCK!!!!!!! BE THERE!!!
I know money is tight for some of y'all, but hopefully someone will catch Electric Six with me at Little Bros. Please?!?!? Remember, the United Patton Rock Fund and the Rock Installment Plan both have fund availability at the moment for ticket cost woes. Contact your local loan rep for info.
Labor #5: Sickness and despair ran rampant through the streets as bands were killed off left and right.......oh wait, it was nothing like that. Lucas, Lee, Franz, Andy and I all saw Apollo Sunshine and the Apples in Stereo for free last night, which must mean we RULE THE SCENE!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Or something. The aforementioned sickness and despair was actually some sort of illness (bronchitis, I think) that felled the drummer for the Apples in Stereo/leader (I think) of the High Water Marks (same person), leading to the High Water Marks not playing this show and the drummer for High Water Marks sitting in with the Apples. Though also ill, Lucas' friend from the High Water Marks (sadly, I don't remember his name, but he must rule Rock-tucky with an iron fist, as this band is supposedly the worst of the three bands he's in, including one that never leaves the couch) was still doing a bang-up job selling merch for his band and the Apples in Stereo, bravo. Ooops, almost forgot the rock show. Apollo Sunshine delivered another fine show, and since that was the fourth time I've seen them in the last four months, it must have been good. The main changes to the set were: 1) Their opening cover of "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads (Well done); and 2) Their friend playing vibes and things, making it a quartet for the evening and giving a different spin to alot of those songs I've heard a few times. The Apples in Stereo were good, and the lead singer was very friendly and the antithesis of the stereotypical egotistical lead singer guy (at least onstage), but like Andy was telling me last night, the set just didn't quite do it for me. Some good pop tunes, and then some over-long borderline-psychedelic tunes that weren't as good. But hey, it was free.
Labor #4: OK, I didn't actually end up seeing a show. I JUST ROCKED 3 DJ SETS AT THE RAVARI ROOM, THAT'S ALL!!! That counts as a damn labor, if I may say so myself. It was an awesome time. Thanks to: Andy, Ashley, Lucas, Lee, Franz, Keith, Chops, Jerome, Sara (I think, John's former co-worker at CopEz) and her friends (sure, they weren't there for me, but they were still there) and Brad Caulkins, of the dearly departed Jive Turkeys (also not there for me), for their attendance (And Amy for her loving reception of my sterling cell-phone messages). I started my first set with "The Champ" by Moe Bandy and ended my last set, around 2:10, with "Goodbye, So Long" by Funk Inc. Daaamn, that was fun. Wicked Lung and the Wookalar seemed to like my tunes, so I'll probably be back to play again in a few months. Damn straight.
Labor #3: Hung out for awhile by myself at Bernies, which was interesting. Saw the end of some hardcore-esque band who really had the soft-loud thing down pat (strum strum strum, sing sing sing, ROAOAOAROAOOSADGFAJDFOWAEARRRRRRRRRRR, strum strum strum). Then came From My Cold Dead Sandwich, which was two guys from Dayton screaming into mics over basic pre-programmed beats and insisting that the crowd be onstage with them for their set. They even did a crazy crap-techno version of "Batman," complete with Don B's assistance. Then one of their girlfriends came onto transform them into a "band," taking the skins while the one guy started playing guitar and the other guy went back to screaming. Weird. Fat Girls by the Snack Table were three "thick" girls, one singing, one on a keyboard, and one on some sort of drum machine. They also were convinced to do "Batman," what a surprise. I was tired near the end of their set, so I left. It was fun for 3 measly bones.
OK, hopefully the rocking concludes happily. Talk to y'all later.

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