Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Rabbit Rabbit

That's right, it's another month, and while we're at it, we might as well call it summer. Besides rain, it's been pretty nice out lately, so why the hell not?
So it's June, but of course, we can't leave May behind without recapping a few more shows. Last Tuesday, I was talking some BS about not going to the Ravari Room. Ha! Chops and I crunked it out in style, damn straight. Thursday night, after breaking plans to see the Wicked Lung/Wookalar METALSET at Cafe Bourbon Street, Andy and I gave into to Ashley's desires to go to Dick's Den, which turned out to be a DAMNED AWESOME IDEA!!! LDB3, the only jazz organ group in town with a female organist that I know of, kicked out some jams! My favorites included "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy," and "Taking the A-Train." QUALITY.

Friday night was the latest CD101 Low Dough Show, this time at the Newport, featuring the Von Bondies, VHS or Beta, and local boys Modena Vox, who opened up as Andy and I arrived and weren't too exciting, maybe because they're too nice. After a long break between sets, because of setup difficulties and VHS or Beta's late arrival from their home of Louisville due to cicada traffic or something, everyone's favorite live disco (sorta) band hit the stage. All I knew of VHS or Beta before the show was their old album, Le Funk, which I picked up on the infamous LA trip, May 2003. They played all new stuff from their forthcoming album on Astralwerks, and it was all pretty good, should be another goodun. The Von Bondies set also rocked. They definitely put more than $5 worth of effort into this one, which is refreshing for a cheap Columbus show. They aren't that different than alot of other bands, and the main reason they have any fame right now is that lead singer Jason Stollsteimer got beat up by his former mentor Jack White in a Detroit bar. But they put on a good stylized garage rock show, so you can't fault 'em for that. As usual, my main problem with a show was the crowd. This time, it seemed to be all 15 year-olds, especially lame ones in dumb clothes craving attention. Oh well, the old folks showed up eventually, sorta. It's rare that I encounter my "perfect" rock crowd, so I'll just shut up.
Sunday night, Julia, Lee Price, Andy and I caught the Hoo Doo Soul Band at Oldfield's. As it was the night before Memorial Day, the joint was packed, but the multitudes in the band rocked it accordingly. Memorial Day itself was nice because I was in a parade! Ha, I rode in a Prowler as my new employer was honored as the Powell Business of the Year, without being located in Powell. Fun stuff.
So yeah, I'm actually passing up Ravari tonight (I hope) to get some sleep. I also have to prepare for what could be four nights of rock in a row for under $10, which would be quite the accomplishment. Tomorrow night, four quality local hip-hop acts, including Illogic and Envelope, at Skullys for $5. Thursday night, Spookie Daly Pride at Little Brothers (guest list!) and the Unpossibles at Cafe Bourbon Street. Friday night, OSU Springfest, including the Unicorns, Thermals, Weird War, Immortal Technique, and more local rock than you can shake a stick at, for free! Saturday night, same place, Hempfest including another Illogic set, Ordinary Peoples, Mescalito, and Andy's uncles, the Ritchey Brothers Band, also for free! A good weekend for good music, and a fine training run for Bonnaroo.
Sometime I'll get around to reviewing some CDs here, maybe. It's good to have goals. Well, enjoy another monstrous update and POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!

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