Thursday, June 24, 2004


OK, I guess that's what my posts are usually about, but my visit to the neighborhood Borders today has filled me with the spirit. So here comes a bunch of musical thoughts and ideas, prepare for the onslaught!!!

1. Jimmy Smith-Rockin' the Boat (1963)

I saw this one at the store today for the first time, because the "Blue Note RVG-atron 9000" is running all hours of the day and night crankin out new classic jazz albums from 1963. Don't ask me where they find it all. I liked the personnel listing on this one, because tracks #2,3 and 6 feature Big John Patton on...tambourine! That's hilarious to me, because John Patton is an awesome organist and that's what he's known for. Maybe he's tremendous on the tambourine too, but it's just funny to me that he's sitting in on a Jimmy Smith session playing background percussion.

2. All-Time Quarterback (self-titled) (1999)

I realized in the store today that Ben Gibbard ranks pretty damn high in my book. He's the lead singer for Death Cab for Cutie and the Postal Service. I'm not a big DCC fan, but that Postal Service album is pretty hot. Then I saw it sitting there, his solo side project, All-Time Quarterback. What a fucking awesome name! It's like my whole damn childhood came flooding back just reading the title of the record! Hooray for Ben Gibbard! The audio samples on the DCC page are alright, but let's face it, it's the name that counts.

3. Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby-The Original Jam Sessions 1969

Hot damn! New compilation in stores now (and in my hands, sucka!) of rehearsals for the soundtrack to the Bill Cosby Show of 1969. Bill Cosby even scats along to "Hikky Burr," which should be pretty awesome. The bonus track is a Mix Master Mike remix of "Hikky Burr" (!!!!), which appears to hype up the July release of "Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby-The New Mixes, Vol. 1," also featuring mixes by Mario Caldato, Jr. and Cornershop, among others. OK, that might be overkill, but such is the current trend of getting together some awesome old music and remixing the fuck out of it, like Bird Up. At least Bill Cosby the master musician is getting his day in the sun.

4. Tuesday night at Cafe Bourbon Street was pretty crazy. I did not see Heroes of History, because they were going on third, the three of us (the A-TEAM!!!) were tired, and the second band sucked. But the first band, Dirty Johnny and the Makebelieves (the Heroes' friends from Athens, rocked it hard! The lead singer paid tribute to Taco John's a few times, which made my day. Hopefully they come back soon.

OK, that's enough, gotta go watch EuroTrip with the A-TEAM!!! Remember, Comfest all weekend and HUGE CRAZY MEGA-AWESOME FANTABULOUS CRUNKTASTIC MANNHAUS PARTY: ORIGINS OF ROCK!!!!! on Saturday night, 473 E. Weber. Be there or be square, beeeeeyotch!


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