Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Can't Sleep, so....

DODGEBALL rocked my ass (no homo) yesterday! Andy and I caught a matinee at the Arena Grand, and it was pretty damn sweet. This movie rules and is damn hilarious for many reasons, including: Dread Pirate Steve, Patches O'Houlihan, The Ocho, damn hilarity, that's about it. GO SEE IT!!! IT DEFEATED HARRY POTTER FOR A REASON!!!
Tomorrow night the goal is to catch your Heroes of History at Cafe Bourbon Street. If you want cheap rock, cheap beer, and cheap tacos, you know where to be!

OK, another random record review. I finally picked up Danger Mouse & Jemini's "Ghetto Pop Life" a while back, and listened to it yesterday. It's pretty good and definitely deserves its 2003 sleeper status. Sure, the reissue has a few remixes that don't add alot, but there's definitely plenty o' goodness here. My only real problem with the album is track #15, "I'ma DooMee (Love Letter)." It's set over this pretty, soothing track, with an R&B chorus, lulling you into submission while Jemini drops the science, which is, to paraphrase: "Girl, you're my only woman, but I'm a rapper, so when I'm on the road, I have to fuck. It's just how it is. These women love me and they wouldn't have it any other way. But you'll always be the only one for me." And, a direct quote, "You better keep your motherfuckin' legs closed, because I said so, or I'ma hafta let go, or treat you like you just another one of those hoes." Daaaaamn. What the hell is the point of shit like that? As a man, am I supposed to agree? "Hmmmm, being an awesome, sexy rapper must make him attractive to the ladies AND 'not the type to keep his nut on hold.' No two ways about that one, sir. His woman better be waiting in bed, having been completely faithful, upon his return, or she'll deserve the whuppin she gets"????? Biggest crock o' bullshit I've heard in an "underground" song for awhile. Sure, I probably missed some ig'nant stuff, but...damn.
OK, I think I'm starting to get sleepy. Maybe tomorrow pre-rock I'll do something about the turntable, maybe.

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