Wednesday, August 03, 2005


As many of you may already know because I just spammed you, I will be at the Ravari Room tomorrow night, Thursday August 4th, to play funk records as part of "Funky Thursdays" with Mikey G and the Latino Pimp. Music will start around 10:30 or so, and I will be there around then. You know where the Ravari is, right? Comment below if not. Get some funk on ya!

More Death and Dismay

R.I.P. Bill Moss. Story here.


DM said...

It is so unfortunate that Bill Moss has died...Columbus has definately lost one of it's treasures. I interviewed him several times and worked with his family, they are sweet people and I wish them the best. I'll have to do a memorial on my page too...good idea.

DM said...

BTW...last and first time I went to Bernies I was soooo overdressed it was ridiculous!

I'm not a hip hop head, but I do love the atmosphere...if I go to Bernies again, I'll need a chaperone!

Anonymous said...

Drew -

Hey, sorry I missed out at Ravari's - I totally wanted to go, but had waaaay too much shiz to do at work (big deadline) How did the funkfest go? I'll be thinking of you (and Bill Moss) at work this weekend when I jam CapSoul at maximum volume. (btw, I will totally return it to you when next I see you.)

[sock it to 'kehm, soul brother]

Funky D said...

Yeah, it's not too hard to overdress at Bernies. I don't think I'll be there this week, but I'm definitely there on the 14th for the last Fonosluts Fuck Hip-Hop Night.

Kehn, sorry you had to work last night. It went fine. There was a decent crowd there, so that was cool. And I completely forgot that you had my Capsoul CD, so thanks for reminding me! I need it! I should have played it last night (these Funky Thursdays dudes cheat sometimes with those damn CD thangs)!

Kristine said...

Now, if I would have found this post last week I woulda been there. Dammit.