Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dammit, the last one should have been called "The Hunt for Red Rocktober"!!!

Get it? You know, that Ruskie band I saw? Damn, the moment is lost. But we still got Rocktober, baby, and ain't that enough? So before time slips away and it's my birthday by the time I post again, I figured I'd set aside some time tonight and BLOG! The Mobb Deep show was cancelled (rumors now circulating at about their demise) and I decided not to hustle/pay insanely to see Cake/Northern State (and that one slore)...but there's a serious lineup of hip-hop/funk/reggae/d 'n b bands at Ruby Tuesdays tonight, so Rocktober must carry on! Some good shows to get to, so let's switch it up and start with the oldest....

Lucas and I made a triumphant appearance at the Bob Log III show on Friday at Club 202. Triumphant because we had to survive some seriously assy (sp? ha) local bands opening up. For you local types, the first band sounded like a bad, goth-ed out Dream Merchant, and the second band was just a better version of the first. Their names were Faded Sympathy and Deco Halo, I think, but who cares. I asked Bob Log during one of the bands if he could save us from the pain, and his response was: "I'm speechless. I thought bands like this were only in movies." Hilarious. Then Bob's tourmates, The Town Bikes Burlesque Toure from Australia, came on. The two of them (reasonably attractive, but kinda weird looking) came out and danced to one song they stitched together themselves (including the Genesis start-up sound near the beginning accompanying them kneeling down with one arm in the air like Sonic, which Lucas and I marked out for), then left for 15 minutes, came back and did one more song. Not much for coming from Australia. But they did come out and dance for a few of Bob's songs. So of course, Bob Log ripped shit up. For those of you unawares, Bob Log III wears a motorcycle helmet and jumpsuit on stage. He does a solo show on slide guitar with a kick drum and has a telephone handset inside his helmet that he uses as a mic. It is a sight to see. VIEWER ADVISORY: THE REST OF THIS REVIEW CONTAINS INCITEMENTS TO VIOLENCE, FOUL LANGUAGE, RUBBER NOVELTY POOP, AND BRIEF NUDITY. The crowd did not rock nearly hard enough for the best one-man band in the land, in all his super-charged blues-rock glory, but that is to be expected. Bob did the trademark "Boob Scotch" routine, where he asks women from the audience to stick their boob in his scotch. He lucked out in getting 2 women to do so (well, he counted 3, but the one girl definitely did not seal the deal. But what do you want, he wears a motorcycle helmet), which speaks well of our fair city. Then it came time for the second part of the ceremony, where Bob sips the scotch and passes it around to everyone else at the show. And who did their part in drinking it? Lucas and I. THAT'S IT. I wanted to punch those dumb idiots for not tasting the best drink known to man. It was still sitting on the bar after the show, so Lucas and I split the watered-down remains. Mmmmmm. We talked to him after the show, I bought him a beer, and life was good. Scotch and ice mixed by a tit.
On Sunday, Kehn and I went to see The Decemberists/Apollo Sunshine show at Little Brothers. The show was put on by Robert Duffy and the fine folks at, much props deserved. Unfortunately, all of the large crowd (supposedly one ticket short of a sellout, and I was on the guestlist!) must have arrived at the same time, so we spent most of Apollo Sunshine's set in line outside. They played a handful of new songs, but I couldn't tell if they were any good. They played the hits and they are nice guys, so what more do you want? I had only heard a song or two by the Decemberists before the show, but I was impressed. Kinda weird literary folk-pop-rock. They rocked pretty hard, and so did I.
Tuesday was a successful rock 'n roll adventure. Through some promotion mishaps, there ended up being a VHS or Beta/The Fever show at the Billiard Club on 161, which was definitely a bit of culture clash. But it was 5 bones, so who can argue? It was a solid posse of myself, Franz, Kehn, and Val, so good times indeed. We saw the self-described "hard rock/opera-metal/R&B" band (or something like that) called Soma open up. At least they covered "November Rain" and "Whip It." This started a running joke, as both The Fever and VHS or Beta introduced songs as another cover of "November Rain," only to play one of their own songs. Both bands brought the dance-rock fury, as evidenced by Kehn's blistering dance moves. Somehow it all worked out. Cheer up baby, rock 'n roll never forgets, or something.
Well, that was a shamefully low amount of shows to talk about, so next week will be balls-to-the-wall rocking (well, after a non-rocking weekend). Stay tuned.

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