Sunday, October 03, 2004

Me: "Bring it on!" Rocktober: "It's already been broughten!!!"

So far, sooo good. I've seen approximately 10 acts perform since it became October at midnight Friday morning, which is pretty impressive, if I say so myself. But before I run down the details, I have important show news for you:

Addison Groove Project @ Little Brothers, Tuesday, October 5, 10:30, $7
Yes indeed, bruthas and sistas, AGP, your favorite band and mine, is coming back to Columbus to jam your soul into oblivion! Addison Groove is a high-quality jamband (yes, I know, it's a scary word, but don't let that steer you away) from Boston. This will be my fourth time seeing them in the last 2+ years (Metadream, R.I.P.), and they keep getting better. Lots of funky originals and covers of classic songs of many genres. For a reasonably cheap good time, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW!!!!! Check out what they're about here.
Wednesday: Boxcar Satan, We March & Heroes of History @ The Athens!!!!! Yes, the Rocktober insanity will hopefully be cranked to higher levels on Wednesday. Theoretically, it will be at least a posse of Dave, Andy, and myself, but if you, loyal reader, are in the mood for a mid-week rock 'n roll road trip, then let me know! Yes, Boxcar Satan (from San Antonio) will be at Bourbon Street Thursday night, but this one sounds like the better show, and I needed a decent excuse to go get some Taco John's!!!!! It'll be a fine evening of high-octane rock and cheap beer, so it should be sweet.
Thursday: Solution @ Scarlet & Grey Cafe. This is Andy's friend's band, so I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be good.
Friday: The Black Keys, The Cuts, & BLUEPRINT @ the Newport. I was already pumped about seeing the Black Keys again, along with seeing the Cuts for the first time, but then Columbus/Cincinnati hip-hop heavyweight Blueprint (w/ DJ Rare Groove) got added to this bill! It looks odd on paper, but I think the local hip-hop scene somehow enjoys the blues-rock of the Black Keys, so this type of bill should get a large, varied audience. Hey, whatever thins out the COOLBOTS!!!
The weekend is still up in the air, but rock will ensue. Now, about them bands I done seen:

Last night was a long night of rawk. Dave, Andy and I started at Ruby Tuesdays for a WCBE benefit that included this blog's heroes, The Heroes of History, along with other bands. We caught some of Drive's set, and they were decent power-pop, but nothing great. Havyna, the next band, was pretty cool, with some groovy funk-folk-metal, or something. That was a horrible description. Jason Quicksall then came on for a quick acoustic set, which wasn't too exciting until his rendition of "Summertime" with a solo that utilized his mouth as a muted trumpet. Then the Heroes came on and killed shit. All the favorites were played, including "Your Mom," which was yelled for by Andy and I, then Pat gave his trademarked "We normally don't play requests" spiel, and it was ON! Athens is gonna be a mess. After their set, we took off, dropped off tired Andy at his house, and got to the Ravari Room for Wicked Lung & the Wookalar and Grand Buffet. Ryan and Jason were wreckin thangs as usual, though we were just walking in for "Hollywood Alligator Shoes," so I don't know if any stuffed animals bit the dust. Grand Buffet, a crazy rap duo from Pittsburgh much in the vein of Wicked Lung & Wookalar, were pretty sweet. Loud, amped-up Aerobicize-type beats and loads of politically incorrect craziness, with random outbursts of Billy Joel singalongs. Yeah, it was that kind of party. I bought the CD pictured above, but it is currently in Dave's car, I hope, so listening will be delayed.

Friday night, Andy and I caught John Wilkes Booze, Lion Fever, and Pen-15 at Club 202 downtown. It was my first time there, and it's a pretty nice place. Pen-15 was some youngsters from Zanesville who rocked reasonably hard, but gotta get over their distortion fetish. Lion Fever rocked my damn socks off. This three-piece from California is some kinda groovy post-punk somethingorother, with female vocals (she's hot too!). The key for me, however, was the drummer. Every song was another exercise in soul pounding. Those are some of the loudest drums I've ever heard, and they weren't a detraction from the rock either. Supposedly they'll be back sometime next year, so be ready. John Wilkes Booze's set left me with some sort of musical blue balls. I anticipated that these boys from Southern Indiana were gonna rock shit, and they did. Their sound is some sort of backwoods funk-rock-freakout, and the lead singer had the freakout part covered. He flailed around all the time, and knocked over his monitor during their first song, leaving the old sound man, or "Father Rock" to put it back up. So they tear through some fine tunes, with crazy sax, funky guitar, and solid drums, then they stop. After 20 minutes! Damn, I coulda used alot more of that. We bugged the band members to keep going, but they resisted, and said that was a long set for them. Boo. Then Andy fell in love with a Japanese guy, which was kinda awkward. We stopped by the "grand opening" weekend of the new High Five, but it was packed, Formerly Quarters blew, and we took off.
Thursday night, I went for dolo and checked out Free Space at Ruby Tuesdays. They were without their saxophonist, which may be permanent, but they laid down some nice jamband grooves. Good band, those guys.
Alright, this entry signals to me that Rocktober will involve some lengthy blog-writin', so maybe I'll start doing it more often. I keep mentioning some music reviews, but don't hold your breath. I gotta go eat some Greek food with my parents who are leaving for Italy and Greece tomorrow, so.....toodles!

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