Friday, October 15, 2004

"We're gonna smoke this joint...till we sound like Pink Floyd"

The Red Elvises were pretty frickin' sweet. But first, I must address the multitudes of comments I received since Monday:

1. Lucas, you're the man. Bob Log III is gonna be a helluva time tonight (and that burlesque show probably won't suck either)!!!
2. There are no false prizes here at Blogged Out Since Cub Scouts!!!!! Gina, you have won the CD of your choice (well, out of a pile of my choosing), and that's all there is to say about that.
3. Kehn, and all other interested parties: I have no solid plans for the Apollo Sunshine/Decemberists show on Sunday, though I'd like to be there around 7. We can meet up somewheres if you'd like, holla at a playa!

The New Hotness: Dave has a blog!!!
Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Dave "too bad about them 'Stros" Williams now has his very own blog. Check it out right about...nyah:
And if you ask real nice, he might tell you about his new favorite band, Nirvana. Or maybe about what happens when you talk about Stacie Orrico at the wrong time.


Last night, Nappy and I made our maiden voyage to the Blues Station for Illogic's "Farewell" (because he's going on tour) show, with Bru Lei and Envelope opening. It was a pretty good time. Bru was performing in front of his parents, which was funny, and he was decent. Envelope did his always drunken/entertaining singalong set, and I nerded out up in the front row. Illogic was suffering from a headache, but ripped a solid show regardless. Of course, PRZM had to throw on "Hold the Floor" at the end of the night, and somehow no one died. Now, because it's Rocktober and I'm ridiculous anyway, after I dropped off Andy, I went to another show! There was also a hip-hop show at the Scarlet & Grey Cafe featuring Chase Manhatten, Tyreless, & The Night Shift, which was charging $1 for people who came from the Blues Station show. I was dragged in; hook, line, and sinker. I saw most of the Night Shift set, which was damn good. Look out for those guys. Then Chase and Jun started falsetto-singing-battling, and...I got worried about my car getting towed and took off. Haha, nah, it was funny.
Tuesday's Red Elvises show was great. After Poophouse Reilly's mediocre at best set, with a good jugband cover of "Fight For Your Right to Party" and a baaaaad Amish rap, the Ruskies came on to kick some ass. Their music definitely has alot of surf to it, but there was also a surprising amount of boogie, thanks largely to "Schramm" Gorbunov (I think, the band's history on their website is confusing) on keyboard (alot of it with a good organ sound) and Boots Randolph-style yakety sax. Two sets of raunchy fast numbers and raunchy ballads. Definitely an entertaining band that you need to see, a major steal for $7. Check em out on the interweb here.
Well, I hope you all have a good weekend, I know I will.

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