Sunday, March 21, 2004

Homeboy Alone

(Slaps own face) Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Best intro to a video ever. Anyway, here I am, chillin here at the 905, which I have all to myself until Wednesday night. The weekend has been pretty good, what with a family celebration of my sister Emily's 21st birthday and all. Hangin out at the India Oak Saturday night was cool as well, with Franz and Lucas and Katie and my "friend friend" Ashley (now that I understand her meaning for "friend friend") and the Weyands! Hopefully I'll hear about that job soon, things look good, but waiting makes me nervous.
Music Thoughts: My love for music is definitely some sort of illness, because buying music just usually makes me want to buy more. I wanted to buy the Thrills album at Best Buy last night, it was only 7.99, but somehow I held back. On recently purchased albums, this one is probably my favorite organ album of recent memory:

And no, it's not that James Taylor, but the ass-kickin' British organist James Taylor. Rockinest cover of Jesus Christ Superstar ever, and that's just the first track. Dopeness. The El-P "High Water (Mark)" album is good, it's definitely not a hip-hop album, but a weird jazz album with the occasional beat here and there. Def Jux Presents, Vol. 3 is good, the RJD2 track is nice, so is the SA Smash, some of the new folks are good, some are annoying. Also, I was checkin out the Matador site today, they have good stuff coming out, like the Preston School of Industry that just dropped and the upcoming Seachange record. And oh yes, before I forget...


Hank Marr, January 30, 1927 - March 16, 2004
A Columbus legend. Hank Marr was an awesome jazz organist who kept on playing until near the end. My dad and I saw him make an unexpected appearance at the Columbus Jazz Orchestra's "Big Band Boogie" show about a year ago, and he tore the house down with his version of "Amazing Grace." To read his bio and get a little better idea for what he was about, try this site, though it hasn't been updated on his death yet. I wish his older stuff would be reissued so it would be easier/affordable to own some. Maybe this will do it???
OK, that's enough for tonight, I gotta eat something. I'll be trying to hit Bernie's tomorrow night for Dante Carfagna (See below for details) and the Ravari Room Tuesday, but we'll see who's with me. Goodnight.

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