Monday, March 01, 2004


...but still rocking. Work sucks (I know...damn subconscious quoting of Blink 182!), but I'll make it somehow. Hangin' out at the India Oak and der Mannhaus was cool tonight, paying double what Lee gave me to return his DVD was not.
In future rock news, the latest Apollo Sunshine mailing list email today has the boys back in town at Little Bros. March 15th. If that is true, that would be their 3rd show here in 3 months. And yet, it still made my day to find that out and I'm still excited to see them play. They must be good or something.
Tomorrow night, I think I'm gonna go check out the Breez Evaflowin show at the High Five. I don't remember him being that impressive at Scribble Jam, but it's kinda hard to be impressed by an afternoon set indoors on a Saturday in August, nawmean? Anyway, I wanna check out what the locals (Chase Manhatten/Bruce Wayne) have to offer, as well as the Topshelf boys from Asheville, NC, they were dope before. I'll be going by myself most likely, so if any of the 3 people reading this wanna go, lemme know. Or if you have a better plan for me than going to another hip-hop show by myself, then also lemme know. I think I had other interesting things to talk about, but I'm really tired, so me go sleepytime.

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