Monday, March 08, 2004

Sunday night's alright for rockin'

Yeah, somehow Chops and I woke up and got ourselves together to catch the early show at Little Brothers tonight (doors at 6!). We missed the first band, the Avatars (never heard of em), as we ate our hot dog dinner, oh well. We did get there in time to catch local garage-y band the Tough and Lovely. Damn, they rocked hard, it was a fine set. And I realized that one of their guitarists is Mark Sims, younger brother of Chris, a friend of mine from back in middle school and cub/boy scouts (you know, the origins of my thugocity). So it's good to see that people I know are out rocking. Also, their female lead singer belted out some serious garage soul and their drummer was a MONSTER, pounding the shit out of those drums. Anyway, to all you Columbus folks, go see the Tough and Lovely, they're a fine band. And of course, I had to support by buying their 7" single and a button, you know I can't go to a good rock show without buying SOMETHING. Soon the Von Bondies came on to headline the show. They have gained notoriety recently due to their lead singer getting beat up by former friend/mentor Jack White in a Detroit club. Good way to get famous, I guess. Anyways, they rocked hard too, lots of good, rough, rock 'n roll. Their band, like the Tough and Lovely, contained two women. It's good to see quality rock bands populated with women, you know? I know there's talented women out there, and who really wants to stare at dudes on stage, night after night? Someone in the audience apparently yelled something at the bassist at the start of the set and when they came back for their encore, which sucked. So their encore was about two minutes long, and they left again. The singer's final words were, "We're the Von Bondies, and you're Columbus." Interesting, huh? Anyway, it was a good time. Also, I bought a couple tix for the Dirtbombs show Friday, which should rock even harder. Can't wait. OK, I need to do something productive or something. Good night y'alls.

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