Thursday, March 18, 2004

OK, how bout shorter posts?

Will that get comments? Eh, whatever, as long as I'm happy, right? Tonight I'm listening to the following before I take them back to the library, so I'm not doing too bad. If only I could have been alive to enjoy Blue Note Records' outstanding output when the albums originally came out in the 60s and 70s.

Yessirreeeee. Now, as promised, a little update on upcoming shows:
Monday, March 22nd: Dante Carfagna, as part of the weekly Beat Lounge @ Bernies. This guy is originally from here (related to Carfagna's, the meat market), and is now widely respected as a funk collector, funk conoisseur, DJ, producer, etc. He's gonna be spinning some of his crazy records, and it's free! Folks in town should check it out, let's go!
Thursday, March 25th: 84 Nash & You're So Bossy @ Andyman's Treehouse. I know Andy's in on this one! We missed 84 Nash's first appearance of the year due to pre-ordained Dirtbombing, but we're ready this time. Especially since this bill also contains the debut of You're So Bossy, which features Columbus rock drummer extraordinaire Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks, The Sun) stepping out to front his own band, should be crazy.
Speculation: Apples in Stereo w/Apollo Sunshine @ Little Brothers, May 5th. So far, the OSU Underground site has it up, and so does the Apples in Stereo site, but Apollo Sunshine's does not, though it has the rest of their tour dates with the Apples, so who knows? Hopefully the Bostonians still love us Bustown crazies.
OK, I'm tired. The interview today went well, somehow the computer said I typed 51 words per minute, things are looking good, we'll see what she decides. Rock to y'alls later.

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