Wednesday, March 24, 2004

You know it's a real blog when...

Dave Lohr deems it a suitable place to drop an "anonymous" reference to his "large" dong. So thanks for that, Dave. Things are going alright here, though I still haven't heard about that job and I'm getting tired of waiting. Chops and John should be getting back soon, bringing some life back to this apartment, it's kinda hard to keep it rockin by myself.
Monday night I was excited about seeing Dante Carfagna spin at Bernie's, but alas, it didn't happen. I was pretty tired around 8, so somehow I reasoned that if I just took a nap, I'd be able to get up and go. HA! Though I set my alarm, I didn't actually wake up until after 1 AM, at which point I figured it wasn't worth going down there. Oh well, at least I got some sleep.
Last night went a good deal better. After the weekly meal at my Grandma's place, I got bored hangin out here and kept up the budding "weekly tradition" of Tuesday nights at the Ravari Room by going by myself. It was cool, as I ended up hangin out with the Wicked Lung and Wookalar and their roommate who was DJing with them this week and talkin music and stuff. Good times. And I found out when I got back that my "friend friend" Ashley was about ready to come over and meet me, but I had left too early, alas. Oh well, there's always next week! The Ravari Room is a cool place to hang out, so join me next week, won't you?
OK, enough cheese. Tomorrow night Andy and I and Ashley (right?) and anyone else that wants to go are going to see 84 Nash and You're So Bossy at Andyman's, that will be the cat's pajamas. And don't forget a Mannhaus party this Saturday night!!! Yessiirreeee, a fun time to be had by all, provided you have nothing early to do on Sunday.
And I will leave you with some more advanced concert hype. Though nothing official seems to be available, local music guy Robert Duffy has posted on one of the forums on his cool site that the Unicorns, some crazy bastards from Canada, are playing the OSU Springfest this year. If this is true, HOOORRRRAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! They are awesomes! Someday soon I will own this:

For more information, and wacky internet fun, visit their site here. I just did so, and found out that they do have the Springfest on their schedule (June 4)! Just like Sleepy Brown, I can't wait.

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