Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Chillin and Illin, that's a double major

Yeah, so I realize that the two strongest supporters (by support I mean commenting, you know, clicking on the link that says "Comment (0)" at the bottom of a post and then writing something about what I wrote, or something else, or whatever!) of this blog so far are taking a collective computer break, but still, c'mon people! Comments are cool, and y'all probably got more to say than I do.

Thank you Lucas for your fine words on Bonnaroo. In your mini-review, you seem to forget Soulive and other quality bands that are a definite plus for the fest. Like I've told you before, I went last year with Chops and Doug. It was a good time, and I definitely know what to expect. And I probably have some things in common with your friends there, Lucas. This decision isn't being aided by much here, but either something will come along to convince me to go or it'll sell out, so that's fine.
I bought Def Jux Presents, Vol. 3 and the El-P jazz album today, so as soon as I get to listening those, I'll post some thoughts. Of course, I'll be slowed down by my friends at the public library. A nice woman named Esther brings in deposits to the bank from the Shepard Branch, which is pretty close to our bank. I told her that I needed to come to her library sometime and check out the music, because they seem to have a crazy jazz collection. She said a jazz nut works there, and that she would tell him about me and he would reserve me some stuff. Well, he definitely did, and reserved a total of 25 CDs, as many as possible. That's awesome and all, but the quirk is that you can only take out 20 at a time. So I gotta take a quick listen to a few and get them back so I can check out the rest. Music makes life interesting, you know?
Upcoming concerts:
Friday, the 12th: The Dirtbombs, with the Greenhornes and the Cheater Slicks @ Little Brothers. I'm ready to get my ass rocked off, are you? Tickets are 12 at the door, 10 if you can still get them in advance, I got mine. Industrial strength Detroit garage rock, check it!
Monday, the 15th: Apollo Sunshine @ Little Brothers. Third time in 3 months. Crazy Boston pop-rocksters put on a fun show. The main difference is this time, I actually got an email today about helping them promote it! About damn time! Lemme at 'em! It'll rock y'alls, and it's only 8 bones.
OK, I ran today and I was already tired, so I'm going to bed. Keep me posted, yo.

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