Sunday, March 28, 2004

That Elton John, is he ever wrong?

Yes indeed folks, last night's Mannhaus shindig was craaazy good times. Sure, I barely knew anyone there, especially as it got really late, due to the high population of out-of-towner nerds, but it was just damn cool to see that many people drinkin and dancin at 4 in the morning. For the record, I did stay up for breakfast at Waffle House at 6 AM (Thanks Franz!!!) and got back to the apartment at 7:30 to go to bed. And now, because I'm envious of Double Dee's weekly WCWS playlists (well, actually, I'm mostly envious of the fact he has a radio show and I no longer do, boo hoo hoo), I wrote down what I played during my one and a half sets last night at the party. My first set probably started around 1 or 2, I'm not sure.

Smooth Operator-Senor Coconut
The Champ-Moe Bandy
Could This Be Love?-84 Nash
Your Enron-Diplodocus
Skanky Panky-Kid Koala
Doin' the Butt-E.U.
Scotch & Soul-Rufus Harley
You've Been Talkin' Bout Me-Ray Terrace
In the Raw-Whitefield Brothers
Funky Yug-The Neapolitans
Jesus Christ Superstar-James Taylor Quartet
Can't Complain-Mad Rabbi
6th Sense-Common (I played this because Lee told me some girl there didn't know Common and needed to hear some, but I doubt she heard this)
L.A. Vacation-Willus Drummond (snore)
No Ambition-Buck Bowen
Die Da?!?-Die Fantastichen Vier (I freaked out when I found an international hip-hop comp on vinyl at Used Kids because I have no other recordings by these wacky Germans, but the song wasn't that great and the vinyl was really quiet, so it didn't hit paydirt. These multiple problems led to a slight break in the action, which had to be solved by me playing...)
Hold the Floor-Camu Tao (Columbus, bitch! What!)
Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey Hey)-De La Soul
How About Some Hardcore?-M.O.P.
Part of My Life-Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles) (One of the out-of-towners started screaming when I played this one, I was impressed with their surprising knowledge of quality hip-hop!)
Notorious Thugs-Notorious B.I.G. F/Bone (For a rousing finale, Andy came up and rapped the whole Biggie verse into the mic along with Brooklyn's finest. Well done sir!)

So that set was a good time. Franz had a set before that, and Lee came on after I did. After Lee's set, we got a quick fix of a six song Power Renkes set, which hit pretty hard. It included a R.I.P. tribute to Hank Marr when Renkes played my scratchy 45 of Marr's "Greasy Spoon." It also included Wham, Michael Jackson, and those damn canaries chirping along to the Mexican Hat Dance. What more do you want, haters?!?!? Then, after playing an emergency request for Ozomatli to keep some fat dude from passing out, Franz came on for another ass-rockin' set. His set rapped up around 5:20 AM, so it was definitely the last hurrah for the party. I came on again after him, but I don't play the dance smashes that Franz does, so the late night momentum was lost. Most of the room was filled with sleepin folks when my set was into full swing, but here's what I played anyway:

5 O'Clock-Nonchalant
I'm Through With White Girls-Dirtbombs
Do It Till You're Satisfied-BT Express
Here's A Smirk-Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Side A of Live Mixtape Part 2-Breakestra
Great Day Today-Madvillain
Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries-Willie Bobo (Dan the Automator remix)
Naima's Love Song-Betty Carter (DJ Spinna remix)

In the middle of that last song, at 6 AM, folks organized for breakfast and I shut off the mix. It was a great party, I hope y'all that attended feel the same way. If you have any questions about the wacky tracks I played, please ask. Enjoy.

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