Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Happy St. Patrick's Day, y'alls

Yes indeed, green beer for all. I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but I guess I've been busy or something. AND YOUR LACK OF COMMENTS HASN'T EXACTLY INSPIRED MY WRITING!!!!! Sorry, had to say it. So here's a day-by-day update:
Wednesday: Getting ready for my interview tomorrow. Practicing typing now so I don't embarass myself on the typing test, damn. Hung out with John, Jessica, Renkes, Jerome, Rachel for the festivities tonight, fun stuff. Before that, I went to my parents' for the traditional St. Patrick's dinner, mmmmmmmmmm. Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, onions, green potatoes, soda bread. Awesome.
Tuesday: Chops, Jerome, and I went to the first (I think) night of the Wookalar, of Wicked Lung and the Wookalar fame, spinning records at the brand new Ravari Room, next door to our beloved Hounddogs. Y'all need to check out the Ravari Room, it's the dopeness, it's a great setup. It was a grand ol time. I guess he's gonna have random people spin with him every week, last night it was the Wicked Lung himself. They played some funky stuff, and some weird stuff, so nothing I couldn't handle. The guys recognized me from their gig at Andyman's Treehouse, documented on this very blog a while back. I got to talking to the Wookalar about how he's just trying to have a weekly thing where people can play records and turn people on to new music. So, since I have some records (hahaha), he said I could spin sometime. Oh man, it'll be awesome!!! I'll keep y'all posted and make sure I have a maxed out posse there to represent me. I think Chops and I are gonna make this a weekly hangout spot, anybody that ever wants to come along is more than welcome.
Monday: Chops and I (Andy would have been there, but he had one of them damn headaches. You were there in spirit, buddy!) went to Little Brothers to see Apollo Sunshine. I think I must be president of the fan club by now, right??? Actually, we tried to ALSO see the Demons, a fine Swedish rock band, and Grafton, a fine Columbus rock band, put on the first live show at the Ravari Room, but the set times didn't work out and after driving back and forth between the two, we stuck with my pals from Boston. Templeton had a fine opening set, good grungey rock that ended with a cover of a great 80s song, but I don't remember what it's called ("I'll change for you, don't change a thing, for me"). Though few folks were there, Apollo Sunshine still rocked the house. They played the old standards that I've seen a few times now, and the old standard covers ("Hey Ya," "Waterloo Sunset," etc.) but added some new ditties. There was a hilarious ukelele duet that was great, I enjoyed it immensely. They came back for an encore, Jesse started fooling around on the keyboard and ended up playing "Sittin on the Dock of the Bay," which turned into an instrumental jam on "Where It's At." At one point they were trying to figure out what to play, someone yelled out Billy Joel, and Jesse struck into a drunken version of "Piano Man" with new lyrics about trying to figure out what to play. The show ended with a rousing cover of a Beatles tune, I think. Despite the 50 or so people there, it was a good show, and I got to talk to Jesse from the band for a bit, always good. They're good guys, go buy their CD or something. We also saw somebody fall straight off the ledge/counter around the side, funny stuff.
Sunday: Wrestlemania at Jacob and whatshername's place in the southern district of Beigetonia, aka Blandstown. Most of it sucked, sad to say, but the epic battle for the Raw title between HHH, Michaels, and Benoit saved the day. It was an awesome bloodfest and Benoit won, so justice was served, at least until the next PPV. And the presence of Paul Bearer and druids for Undertaker's return to the world of the living was pretty sweet.
So yeah, that's a basic summary, if I missed something, let me know. I'll post again tomorrow about some cool upcoming shows, I don't wanna bury them at the bottom of this post. Wish me luck, y'alls.

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