Saturday, March 06, 2004

This blog needs an update, yo.

Just kickin' it here with John, Chops, and Mandy on a nice Saturday night. Mandy and Chops made a fine dinner of chicken with craisins and cashews over some couscous with asparagus. MMMMMMMMM. I'm sure we'll get into some trouble later, I mean, why not? Alright, I don't have a whole lot musical to say tonight. Well, we ate at the Elevator last night, which was also damn good, and they were playing Zero 7's installment in the Another Late Night series, which was pretty sweet. OK, enough of this typing, how bout an album cover?

OK, I think this is the album Dusty Baker (aka James, whom I need to get to read this blog) bought in our record-buying excursion in Chicago, only to leave it in a church in Milwaukee, along with my copy of the Dilated Peoples' Expansion Team album. Oh, good ol' band tour, which James happens to be on right now. I'm sure he's having a good time. Anyhoo, I would love to hear this album, but right now Dusty Groove has a CD for 24.99, which happens to be JUST out my current financial means. Oh well, someday. OK, that's all I got. Continue to have a good weekend, y'alls, and comment more, aiight? I got a damn counter, I know y'all check the site out, which is cool, but now you need to let me know what you're thinking. Muchas gracias, senores y senoritas.

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