Wednesday, March 03, 2004

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Yeah, I'm fighting the good fight against these damn contraptions to get some functional pictures up on this site, but it looks like it's gonna be a protracted campaign. And it doesn't help that this computer in particular is currently struggling, but you know I'll persevere.
Last night, as promised, I went to the Breez Evahflowin show at the High Five, all by my lonesome. Now, I didn't actually see Breez Evahflowin because, as usual, the show went too late, and old man Patton here has to work most mornings. Jay, one of the local MCs who performed, told folks that the show was starting around 10. Yours truly, the way-too-punctual showgoer, showed up at 10:05. But of course, after delays and DJ Auxsend (Jay's roommate and one of my customers at the bank) spun some fine tracks, the unexpected opener the Field Squad from Mansfield didn't kick it off until after 11. Now, all this time did allow me to have a nice chat with Juan, the super-promotions-guy for Weightless Records here in town, for the first time. We talked about shows, it was great. Anyway, the Field Squad was dope: though their rhymes were decent, the beats (done by the DJ named Ridiculous or something similar) were slammin, reminiscent of some mid-90s NYC underground joints. Chase Manhatten (Jay) and Bruce Wayne, along with special guest Harvey Dent(ist) (him and Wayne are in local group Gotham Asylum), were up next, and were pretty good, though the crowd or lack thereof wasn't too into it. Juan had to take off before the end of their set, he's a workin' man just like me. Up next were the boys from Topshelf Music in Asheville, NC. Pens and Needles were first, composed of the Mad Rabbi (MC) and Lurch (I think, they didn't talk to the crowd too much) (DJ). Good thinking man's hip-hop, I had heard some of it before because when I bought the Brycon & Equal (the other Topshelf group on the bill) CD when they opened for Mr. Len/Tame One in January, Brycon gave me the Pens and Needles CD for free. Anyway, the Mad Rabbi appears to be going solo on Topshelf (the actual group doesn't appear to be on Topshelf, just the ol Rabbi solo), I bought his new 12" which they just got copies of yesterday, should be dope. When I talked to Brycon at the end of the Pens and Needles set, I told him his CD was awesome and that I had to go, but he convinced me to stay for a few of their songs. They have a couple new tracks with the Rabbi, lots of good music. I say check out their site and look out for new dopeness from Asheville. I left after a couple of their songs, before Breez hit the stage, and somehow got to bed and woke up for work. WAIT! The musical highlight of the night had to be the Pens and Needles song which used Biz Markie's classic "Just a Friend" beat and most of the hook for "Just a Pen" (at least I think that's what it's called). They had us sing along for the whole hook, it was awesome. It was definitely an Andy moment which Andy missed. Oh well, it was a good time, that ol' hip-hop prevailed again.

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